January 21, 2016
1st Period - 11:16
2015-2016 Regular Season
Voting Results
Mark Stuart 1.9% (1 votes)
Cody Bass 92.3% (48 votes)
Draw 5.8% (3 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by d14stock on January 25, 2016 at 08:34 AM

Stuart gets a few draw/win votes??? I'm assuming that's from Winnipeg faithful because he got dropped with the Left from Bass. It was really close until then, but when you go down from a shot like that, you lost. The clear indicator that Bass won was that he asked Stuart if he was alright after they went down.

Posted by Jordybats99 on April 14, 2016 at 11:53 AM

KO win for Bass. Great sportsmanship on his part love seeing guys bash each other and then show respect.

Posted by WinnipegJets14 on January 22, 2016 at 08:07 PM

Stuart isn't a close range fighter, more long range. Bass fights like a fish just like tootoo haha but this was a even fight.

Posted by slysi on January 30, 2016 at 09:50 AM

not a whole lot done by either ....Bass gets the win for landing on top

Posted by the kid 61 on January 26, 2016 at 03:52 PM

Where the hell is peluso hiding. Stuart has had more fightsthen he has. Maybe studing Maggio taps for when he's back in the ahl.

Posted by jerry s on January 26, 2016 at 05:54 AM

lets be real stuart bass not a good match up thorborn or peluso would have been a better match

Posted by DARCY T on January 31, 2016 at 05:38 PM

stuart 4th fight in the season but 3rd in 10 days! it looks like bass dropped him with that right.i would like to see bass playing and fighting in nhl more often.his last nhl fight took place in 13/14 win bass

Posted by Great Murray on January 22, 2016 at 10:49 AM

When your guy gets hit three or four times and knocked on his ass, if you vote draw...that just makes you look like a moron. MORON! All Bass...not even close! Good show of class by both guys...awesome stuff. Excellent fight.

Posted by Rob Peterson on January 24, 2016 at 09:27 PM

Bass gets the knockdown blow in a pretty even bout.

Posted by cooldaddy on January 26, 2016 at 01:05 AM

Nice fight. Bass with he KO...Like the respect shown at the end. Gave it a 7 and Bass with the win.

Posted by Viper207 on November 16, 2018 at 05:02 AM

Cody Bass, the last true heavyweight this stupid league will ever see, started out great but got double TKO'd at the end. Mark Stuart, perhaps the last Chris Tamer-esque Defenceman this stupid league will ever see ends the fight by giving and taking two big punches. The one guy popped up first, so he wins I guess. Draw and an 8 for a double TKO! Cheers to both men for being fighters in a non-fighting league and giving their all.

Posted by Nashvillewayne on January 21, 2016 at 08:56 PM

Edge to Bass.

Posted by Humper on January 21, 2016 at 10:42 PM

Bass rocked 'im then dropped 'im.

Posted by Gfischer on January 22, 2016 at 02:01 PM

Give Bass the edge, he got the jump on Stewart. Disappeared shortly after when Peluso spoke to him at a face off, guess his knees were shaking to much after that.

Posted by EK65 on January 22, 2016 at 11:18 PM

When Bass landed that last shot Stuart knew he was in treble... I'll show myself out.

Posted by bigmike53 on January 21, 2016 at 11:19 PM

Bass drops Stuart to get the KD win.

Posted by Mounty in NC on January 22, 2016 at 08:56 PM

Somewhat close till the knockdown punch by Bass

Posted by shawn46 on January 22, 2016 at 09:58 AM

Fisher-man get hooked by Bass!

Posted by JSBrown303 on January 26, 2016 at 11:53 PM


Posted by doctorvegas on January 26, 2016 at 04:50 PM

nothing to get excited about

Posted by McGuffin on January 21, 2016 at 10:10 PM

Knockout Sal Bass. Get the Canadian feed up if possible.

Posted by CharlesmeMelvin on January 21, 2016 at 11:00 PM

Stuart with a clean hit. Jumped by Bass. Landed a big left, then took one on the chin. Both fell. Draw.