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J. Lauzon (NSH) vs. S. Carrick (ANA)
02/25/241 Pd • 17:57J. Lauzon (NSH) vs. S. Carrick (ANA)
M. Rempe (NYR) vs. M. Olivier (CBJ)
02/25/241 Pd • 2:12M. Rempe (NYR) vs. M. Olivier (CBJ)
B. Coleman (CAL) vs. M. Janmark (EDM)
02/24/242 Pd • 9:06B. Coleman (CAL) vs. M. Janmark (EDM)
M. Weegar (CAL) vs. C. Perry (EDM)
02/24/242 Pd • 18:59M. Weegar (CAL) vs. C. Perry (EDM)
B. Duhaime (MIN) vs. W. Borgen (SEA)
02/24/243 Pd • 19:36B. Duhaime (MIN) vs. W. Borgen (SEA)
A. Mantha (WAS) vs. N. Cousins (FLA)
02/24/242 Pd • 10:38A. Mantha (WAS) vs. N. Cousins (FLA)
M. Rempe (NYR) vs. N. Deslauriers (PHI)
02/24/241 Pd • 3:00M. Rempe (NYR) vs. N. Deslauriers (PHI)
C. Garland (VAN) vs. B. Tanev (SEA)
02/22/242 Pd • 1:34C. Garland (VAN) vs. B. Tanev (SEA)

Top 5 Fights for the NHL

M. Rempe (NYR) vs. N. Deslauriers (PHI)
1M. Rempe (NYR) vs. N. Deslauriers (PHI)
M. Rempe (NYR) vs. M. Olivier (CBJ)
2M. Rempe (NYR) vs. M. Olivier (CBJ)
B. Duhaime (MIN) vs. W. Lockwood (FLA)
3B. Duhaime (MIN) vs. W. Lockwood (FLA)
S. Sabourin (SJS) vs. J. Tinordi (CHI)
4S. Sabourin (SJS) vs. J. Tinordi (CHI)
K. Kostin (DET) vs. E. Gudbranson (CBJ)
5K. Kostin (DET) vs. E. Gudbranson (CBJ)

NHL Fighting Majors Leaders

Latest Fight
02/17/2024 for BOSvs. Trent Frederic
Top Fight
11/24/2023 for ANAvs. Sam Carrick
Latest Fight
02/24/2024 for NYRvs. Matthew Rempe
Top Fight
02/24/2024 for NYRvs. Matthew Rempe
Latest Fight
02/21/2024 for CBJvs. Mathieu Olivier
Top Fight
02/15/2020 for VGKvs. Ryan Reaves
Latest Fight
01/24/2024 for FLAvs. Jonah Gadjovich
Top Fight
11/04/2014 for CALvs. Deryk Engelland
Latest Fight
02/17/2024 for TBLvs. Austin Watson
Top Fight
12/18/2022 for CALvs. Dennis Gilbert

Must Watch Fights

R. Strome (NYI) vs. J. Jokinen (FLA)
01/13/173 Pd • 14:50R. Strome (NYI) vs. J. Jokinen (FLA)
J. Brown (ARI) vs. M. Foligno (MIN)
01/13/243 Pd • 5:21J. Brown (ARI) vs. M. Foligno (MIN)
M. Comrie (NYI) vs. N. Dawes (NYR)
12/29/081 Pd • 7:48M. Comrie (NYI) vs. N. Dawes (NYR)
S. Ott (DAL) vs. D. Wideman (STL)
12/26/052 Pd • 19:45S. Ott (DAL) vs. D. Wideman (STL)
M. Raffl (WAS) vs. A. Bitetto (NYR)
05/05/211 Pd • 4:14M. Raffl (WAS) vs. A. Bitetto (NYR)
E. Boulton (ATL) vs. C. Orr (NYR)
10/30/081 Pd • 2:58E. Boulton (ATL) vs. C. Orr (NYR)
R. Johnston (NYI) vs. R. Reaves (MIN)
02/28/231 Pd • 2:06R. Johnston (NYI) vs. R. Reaves (MIN)
M. Bradley (WAS) vs. A. Alberts (BOS)
03/15/072 Pd • 11:15M. Bradley (WAS) vs. A. Alberts (BOS)

Stat Board

2024 NHL Fight Stats

Total Fights219
Number of Fighters203
Fight LeaderNicolas Deslauriers
Team Fight LeaderMinnesota Wild
Rest of Year Projected Fights282