December 23, 2006
3rd Period - 19:33
2006-2007 Regular Season
Voting Results
Richard Park 7% (4 votes)
Alexander Svitov 89.5% (51 votes)
Draw 3.5% (2 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by billy jack on January 19, 2010 at 11:17 PM

park no visor 5:10,svitov with a visor 6:3,and this makes svitov tough lol.

Posted by David Gutierrez on December 21, 2009 at 11:56 AM

Why did Park drop the gloves? Domination Win for Svitov

Posted by Juha82 on February 21, 2010 at 03:03 AM

All Svitov's show as he dominated Park and landing only shots. DECISIVE WIN Svitov-

Posted by Bruins29 on December 21, 2009 at 02:10 PM

Richard Park should never fight. Never. Never ever. Haha... But seriously...Never.

Posted by stever451 on December 19, 2012 at 06:09 PM

svitov is a pussy for hitting someone like little park not once but twice, svitov might got few blows on the back the head in which I would thrown him out barehanded with fines and suspensions or better yet send that pous back to russia with a pink bow, but he gained the elevated pous factor of 10 and the game star. I ever see that dbag in alley somewhere ill tie that stick around his head like a shoelace. shame on you dbag glad the nhl is broken down so you dont have to play here.

Posted by TrueBlue26 on September 08, 2011 at 04:51 PM

oh shut up bias announcers...he didnt have to fight...he has a brain, he has a choice...dont make excuses here for the smaller man, however if he was forced to fight and didnt really wanna then excuses are ok...but stfu otherwise

Posted by chad420 on December 22, 2009 at 08:04 PM

holy beatdowns batman