November 27, 2018
1st Period - 5:13
2018-2019 Regular Season
Voting Results
Dale Weise 0% (0 votes)
Ben Harpur 96.4% (54 votes)
Draw 3.6% (2 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by Behn Wilson on November 28, 2018 at 01:39 PM

Great hit by the Weisel... which unjustifiably inspires an embarrassed Ben Hapur to attempt to “Burn one down” on his pesky “rodential” opponent... who then closes out the festivities by firing off an errant ref rib shot... seemingly for no particular reason

Posted by theredbrigade on November 28, 2018 at 03:21 AM

refs being stupid. Boring!

Posted by first 6 on November 29, 2018 at 07:14 PM

What to hell was that all about? Hit the little clown with a flyswatter and get back to the game Harpur.

Posted by drop_the_gloves on November 30, 2018 at 12:12 PM

Crap fight, nothing really landed, but Harpur was the aggressor.

Posted by BruinsAllDaySon on November 28, 2018 at 12:15 PM

Well, if the NHL fights ever bore you... AHL fights are generally much better. LNAH fights are also worth checking out for the sheer comedy of the goonery. Win Harpur and a 4.

Posted by lostgull on November 28, 2018 at 06:35 AM

Weise is a punk, just surprised his gloves came off. Must have forgotten the glue.

Posted by Mounty in NC on December 01, 2018 at 10:04 PM

All Harpur in total domination... give it a 4

Posted by rocky 1 on November 30, 2018 at 12:10 PM

Never seen Harpur Fight before but he takes care of Weiss pretty easy here. Ben Wilson says that Harpurs dropping of the mitts after the Hit to be Unjustifiable. Fuck is that funny! A guy runs you from the side and nearly puts you in the bench and its Unjustafiable to drop the Gloves? What would Behn Wison have done? Pathetic commentary or what?

Posted by bigmike53 on November 28, 2018 at 12:27 AM

Weise hasn’t been the same since Lucic threatened to kill him! Win Harpur. Haha!

Posted by jerry s on November 28, 2018 at 04:59 AM

good to see weise get a beat down

Posted by arnsworth1026 on November 28, 2018 at 01:36 PM

Love that Weise was complaining that the refs broke up the fight too early.

Posted by Jellyczar on November 28, 2018 at 03:58 PM

Weise is good at being a gnat ... and that's about it. He looked worse than my sister in this fight.

Posted by boldbilly on November 28, 2018 at 07:54 AM

I loved Dale Weise when he was a hab.....sandpaper ....delivered timely hits....chipped in some goals ....dropped them when he had to. Here Harpur like a goodmany current NHL players refuses to receive a clean run of the mill hit.....not sure why they can’t absorb one .....not sure why he doesn’t get called for either the hack or the instigator....but I digress..... Harpur too big and too strong as he easily over powers Weise here for an easy win and a score of 4....sometimes Weise is a little too willing for his own good

Posted by GreatMurray on November 28, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Weise really held his own in this thing. He took one good one and may have landed one early. Harpur rag dolled him a bit and controlled the bout. Philly probably needs to resurrect the Broad Street Bullies days.

Posted by EK65 on November 28, 2018 at 04:01 PM

Hal Gill 2.0 decides to show a rare flair of emotion... Unfortunately for the "too talented" to continue to fight 6 point player.. Dale Weise.. Harpur uses his massive strength advantage to get the win with a few solid shots. If Harpur ever devlops a mean streak he has sticking power... If not hes just another big fluff.

Posted by Flyers2019 on November 27, 2018 at 11:40 PM

Big Ben takes offense to dales solid hit and gives him a bit of a shalackin. Finally flyers play with a little grit but still lose. Get rid of Hakstol and find a god damn goalie. 4 You know, of all places I find a hot chick at, she’s working at petsmart. Beautiful chick, looks like Demi lovato. I go in like once a month to get my dog food and when she’s there I freeze up. I really wanna shoot my shot but it doesn’t seem like the time or place, plus I’ll be destroyed if I’m rejected. I’m good with the ladies but it’s been a while since I put myself out there like this. I never get struck by beauty often but she just did it for me.. i don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Normally I shoot the shot and score... I gotta get that confidence back. And I really gotta not break wind during it because the nerves give me the sewer farts...Not that any of you care, but I needed to vent.

Posted by staceyb on November 28, 2018 at 08:03 AM

Aside from his little boop on the shoulder of linesman Ryan Gibbons, Dale Weise was not even a party in that scrap, kinda like the effort of his teammates in the third period. Gawd the Flyers are awful.

Posted by Humper on November 28, 2018 at 06:42 AM

This was not a "great job by Dale Weise", nor did he "give up a ton as far as height and reach" unless an inch weighs 1000 pounds. This was Dale Weise being thumped by Harpur (even though there was no damage done).