April 06, 2017
2nd Period - 4:55
2016-2017 Regular Season
Voting Results
Matt Martin 88.5% (46 votes)
Braydon Coburn 0% (0 votes)
Draw 11.5% (6 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by Humper on April 07, 2017 at 02:17 PM

It seemed to me that Coburn really didn't want this. And I don't blame him.

Posted by demonhead6 on April 07, 2017 at 11:36 AM

Nice shot by Martin. Credit Coburn for getting back up.

Posted by BruinsAllDaySon on April 06, 2017 at 09:29 PM

Was going draw until the slo mo where Martin's shot connected and buckled Coburn's knees. Decisive W for Matt Martin.

Posted by DARCY T on November 08, 2017 at 06:51 AM

coburn didnt like martin's hit and i dont blame him.martin's hit looks like charging to me...all i see is martin grazed coburn's chin with right.good for coburn cause he would probably be knocked out if martin connected clean.but as soon as coburn got closer to martin, martin held for dear life..draw and 5

Posted by BooSanta on April 06, 2017 at 09:28 PM

Not sure why these two like fighting each other so much. Coburn probably has 20 percent of his career fights with M+M. A one punch deal here where M+Ms punch melts in Coburn's mouth. Looked good on the slow-mo.

Posted by Joe Rock on April 06, 2017 at 10:33 PM

Martin with the easy victory.

Posted by boldbilly on April 07, 2017 at 02:29 AM

Not close at all....Matt Martin with the win and a score of 5.......really wish the habs had signed this guy....

Posted by iammac23 on April 08, 2017 at 10:20 AM

win Martin

Posted by Great Murray on April 07, 2017 at 04:31 AM

Martin destroys Coburn with a big right from the start. Thou shalt not screw with Matthews or you will eat heavy rights. Old school. So it was Holland not protecting Detroit's stars...not Babcock.

Posted by bigmike53 on April 06, 2017 at 11:18 PM

Matt Martin knows his role. He rocks Coburn to win this scrap handily.

Posted by Ullger88 on April 06, 2017 at 10:05 PM

Martin clear win, not even close

Posted by offsides on April 07, 2017 at 02:38 AM

Well at least Coburn doesn't have a glass jaw. Win Martin.

Posted by first 6 on April 06, 2017 at 10:52 PM

Martin with an other win. Tough SOB

Posted by joedog on April 06, 2017 at 09:35 PM

Babcock playing the Kiddies too much at this point and they are being outhit 16-4. getting knocked around handily ...Martin comes out to change momentum with a big hit then handles (bubblehead) Coburn....Win Martin

Posted by the kid 61 on April 07, 2017 at 08:06 AM

I give Coburn a 5 just for his chin. All MM. At the knuckle head who called MM a wimp, anyone who drops the mitts and fights a fair fight at no wimp in my book.

Posted by rocky 1 on April 06, 2017 at 11:28 PM

All Martin in this one!

Posted by WpgJetsFan01 on April 06, 2017 at 11:12 PM

Martin is a wimp, he's not even a good fighter, he just throws haymakers. I could tune him in pretty quick and probably a 5 year old boy lol.