November 02, 2011
1st Period - 13:21
2011-2012 Regular Season
Voting Results
Darcy Verot 0% (0 votes)
Jeremy Yablonski 76.9% (10 votes)
Draw 23.1% (3 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by hal29 on November 03, 2011 at 02:14 AM

Not much of a fight and why I Yablonski so dirty? He should be banned from hockey. To weak fights by both men.

Posted by RolePlaya on November 03, 2011 at 09:05 AM

not the best fight, yabo won

Posted by Kordic64 on November 02, 2011 at 10:05 PM

Did Kevin Collins come out of retirement?

Posted by billy jack on November 03, 2011 at 01:03 AM

verot aint doing to good,he must be sore after that game.

Posted by FightsOfHockey on November 05, 2011 at 05:01 PM

ref #82 a little hyper eh? Yabo wins a heavyweight tilt.

Posted by EDDUBBS on November 04, 2011 at 07:44 PM

Verot got really beat up after trying to Pearl Harbor Yabo. PS -It didn't work Darcy. What a fag name,,,Darcy.

Posted by Big_Fat_Dan on November 03, 2011 at 04:01 AM

Yabo and a visor, two words that shouldn't go together.

Posted by muskokadangler on November 02, 2011 at 09:49 PM

I was to busy watching the lineman skate around like a bunch of dummies