October 18, 2011
1st Period - 18:15
2011-2012 Regular Season
Voting Results
Evgeny Artyukhin 4.5% (1 votes)
Josh Gratton 95.5% (21 votes)
Draw 0% (0 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by CloweStaubi on October 19, 2011 at 08:02 PM

Artyukhin sucks

Posted by Clark75 on October 20, 2011 at 05:56 PM

Gratton smoked Art! Nice!

Posted by mrunohoo on November 06, 2011 at 11:11 PM

Did I miss something? When did every washed-up ex-NHL and AHL tough guy go to Russia. And why? The Russian fans didn't seemed to amused. But then again, that could be Russia's version of hyper hockey fans. Hard to say.

Posted by billy jack on October 22, 2011 at 10:03 PM

josh schooled the big goof.

Posted by FightsOfHockey on November 05, 2011 at 05:05 PM

Gratton takes this one

Posted by jim_mckenzie33 on October 19, 2011 at 11:23 PM

Grattan TUNES UP the the wannabe Russ-kie tough guy...and leaves him with a lot of red egg on his beak.

Posted by stizzo on October 23, 2011 at 11:09 PM

If it wasn't lame, I'd say "OMG" to CloweStaubi because I Feel The Exact SAME - OMG! - awww - but really - Artuki - hilarious that he could even look up all bloodied and pee in his pants - I'm so happy that we all agree on how terrrible that russian guy is - just awesome - can't wait for the next russian to get stomped by Gratts - should be in the NHL because he is a Fantastic Scrapper - Leafs should get him nxt year - or the Habs - they need someone - and a new team - anyways - Just Loved This Firght - OMG - Loved It.

Posted by muskokadangler on October 19, 2011 at 11:43 PM

That was a bit of a feeding :)

Posted by blackngold on October 19, 2011 at 07:39 PM

Gratton dummies the big oaf.

Posted by travist on December 07, 2011 at 10:45 PM

i hate those fan cutaways during the fight. but i love there are no barriers between the penalty boxes.

Posted by Big_Fat_Dan on October 20, 2011 at 01:39 AM

I wish Gratton would come back where he belongs.

Posted by RolePlaya on October 19, 2011 at 11:04 PM

With that size advantage Arty should keep distance !