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C. Clifton (BUF) vs. J. Drury (CAR)
12/02/233 Pd • 19:10C. Clifton (BUF) vs. J. Drury (CAR)
J. Manson (COL) vs. L. O'Brien (ARI)
11/30/233 Pd • 9:49J. Manson (COL) vs. L. O'Brien (ARI)
M. Foligno (MIN) vs. L. Schenn (NSH)
11/30/231 Pd • 15:44M. Foligno (MIN) vs. L. Schenn (NSH)
G. Smith (SJS) vs. T. Frederic (BOS)
11/30/232 Pd • 19:06G. Smith (SJS) vs. T. Frederic (BOS)
J. Gadjovich (FLA) vs. J. Anderson (MON)
11/30/233 Pd • 19:16J. Gadjovich (FLA) vs. J. Anderson (MON)
T. Jeannot (TBL) vs. J. Brown (ARI)
11/28/231 Pd • 3:15T. Jeannot (TBL) vs. J. Brown (ARI)
J. Ludvig (PIT) vs. M. McCarron (NSH)
11/28/232 Pd • 6:44J. Ludvig (PIT) vs. M. McCarron (NSH)

Top 5 Fights for the NHL

K. Kostin (DET) vs. E. Gudbranson (CBJ)
1K. Kostin (DET) vs. E. Gudbranson (CBJ)
M. Olivier (CBJ) vs. N. Deslauriers (PHI)
2M. Olivier (CBJ) vs. N. Deslauriers (PHI)
A. Englund (LAK) vs. S. Carrick (ANA)
3A. Englund (LAK) vs. S. Carrick (ANA)
V. Desharnais (EDM) vs. J. Gadjovich (FLA)
4V. Desharnais (EDM) vs. J. Gadjovich (FLA)
T. Frederic (BOS) vs. A. Englund (LAK)
5T. Frederic (BOS) vs. A. Englund (LAK)

NHL Fighting Majors Leaders

Latest Fight
11/24/2023 for ANAvs. Sam Carrick
Top Fight
11/24/2023 for ANAvs. Sam Carrick
Latest Fight
11/28/2023 for ARIvs. Josh Brown
Top Fight
04/20/2023 for TORvs. Luke Schenn
Latest Fight
11/30/2023 for COLvs. Josh Manson
Top Fight
11/04/2014 for CALvs. Deryk Engelland
Latest Fight
11/19/2023 for CBJvs. Mathieu Olivier
Top Fight
01/19/2022 for COLvs. Kurtis MacDermid
Latest Fight
11/24/2023 for FLAvs. Sam Reinhart
Top Fight
03/24/2018 for CALvs. Garnet Hathaway

Must Watch Fights

G. Parros (ANA) vs. D. Koci (CHI)
12/07/071 Pd • 2:06G. Parros (ANA) vs. D. Koci (CHI)
C. McLeod (COL) vs. N. McIver (VAN)
02/09/083 Pd • 11:01C. McLeod (COL) vs. N. McIver (VAN)
M. Sorensen (SJS) vs. J. Falk (OTT)
12/01/182 Pd • 3:06M. Sorensen (SJS) vs. J. Falk (OTT)
C. Kunitz (ANA) vs. S. Avery (DAL)
11/22/081 Pd • 12:10C. Kunitz (ANA) vs. S. Avery (DAL)
R. Clune (LAK) vs. R. Rypien (VAN)
04/23/103 Pd • 16:22R. Clune (LAK) vs. R. Rypien (VAN)
C. Thorburn (ATL) vs. N. Pratt (BUF)
01/18/082 Pd • 10:46C. Thorburn (ATL) vs. N. Pratt (BUF)
B. Nelson (NYI) vs. A. Cirelli (TBL)
11/15/212 Pd • 12:56B. Nelson (NYI) vs. A. Cirelli (TBL)
S. Brookbank (ANA) vs. K. Clifford (LAK)
04/09/113 Pd • 16:38S. Brookbank (ANA) vs. K. Clifford (LAK)

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2024 NHL Fight Stats

Total Fights97
Number of Fighters121
Fight LeaderAndreas Englund
Team Fight LeaderNashville Predators
Rest of Year Projected Fights300