December 14, 2006
1st Period - 5:17
2006-2007 Regular Season
Voting Results
Matthew Barnaby 87.3% (69 votes)
Ryan Hollweg 6.3% (5 votes)
Draw 6.3% (5 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by Ripper20 on February 17, 2010 at 09:45 AM

Very good bout. Barnaby with the upper hand, although both combatants landed some good punches. They should have been very tired after that scrap.

Posted by Juha82 on February 28, 2010 at 11:43 AM

Technically good bout. Barnaby tok over well later, EDGING Hollweg.

Posted by NJFlyerGirl on February 16, 2010 at 04:29 PM

I have never liked Barnaby, but I have to give him credit for a decent fight.

Posted by pvdrummer2000 on January 02, 2015 at 09:14 PM

Barnaby methodically punished Hollweg for attempting to scrap with the rat!

Posted by Mikkel H. on February 17, 2010 at 05:31 AM

Barnaby all the way !

Posted by imissbarnaby36 on April 24, 2008 at 09:58 PM

my two favorite players droppen em great bout

Posted by chad420 on February 18, 2010 at 07:50 PM

win of hollwegs better fights..a 6er