March 08, 2018
2nd Period - 18:43
2017-2018 Regular Season
Voting Results
Ryan Johansen 10.9% (7 votes)
Ryan Kesler 82.8% (53 votes)
Draw 6.3% (4 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by pmarz1 on March 11, 2018 at 10:45 PM

nice class act, at least two punches while Johansen is down

Posted by Coleslawjay on March 09, 2018 at 01:42 AM

Kesler 100% in johansens head

Posted by DucksNation on March 09, 2018 at 01:44 AM

Kesler feeds him with uppercuts and gets the nod. Open your mouth, break the code, pay the price.

Posted by slambo on March 09, 2018 at 02:18 AM

Kesler is quite the scrapper of late... Johansen...not so much. He is lucky knuckle sandwiches are low in calories...rk/4

Posted by McDonald19 on March 09, 2018 at 02:50 AM

Kesler with the win and mocks Johansen for being a turtle.

Posted by badamr on August 12, 2018 at 04:37 PM

I’m surprised at how ignorant most of these comments are. Johansen wound up and lost his balance. The only hits that landed were the cheap ones thrown after Johansen had fallen to the ice. Pathetic fight by both.

Posted by GreatMurray on March 09, 2018 at 01:40 AM

Ya wanna go? Ya sure eh. Oh we're gonna start right now! Damn! You shoulda told me that.

Posted by EK65 on March 10, 2018 at 01:11 PM

Kesler does his job of getting in the head of the other teams top center. Gets him to drop his gloves and gets the beating with taunt at the end. All Kesler I love a skill guy vs skill guy tilt.

Posted by bigmike53 on March 10, 2018 at 11:40 AM

All Kesler from start to finish.

Posted by surfmaster69 on March 12, 2018 at 01:57 PM

Someone needs to clean Kesler's clock. Won't be a euro though. Kesler and a 3.

Posted by devilsadvocate on March 11, 2018 at 04:12 AM

Kesler with the W. I never had much respect for Johansen as a fighter, and less for Kesler as a human being. I guess Kesler forgot how Domi put him to sleep.

Posted by stoopid760 on March 09, 2018 at 03:35 PM

Anyone who gave the win to Johansen should not be allowed to vote anymore.

Posted by 1963YoYo on August 21, 2018 at 03:34 AM

Looks like Kessler had to get his licks in while Johansen was on the ice (poor form duche). They're both half ass fighters anyways.

Posted by reryp on March 09, 2018 at 05:05 PM

Kessler calling turtle from behind a visor?

Posted by Bigtimbrr on March 10, 2018 at 12:11 AM

Kesler - remove the visor before calling someone a turtle!

Posted by nait on March 09, 2018 at 12:41 PM

Johansen btch jummeped and still lost

Posted by Behn Wilson on March 09, 2018 at 04:51 AM

Mr Off The Face Off is at it again... as apparently Johansen didn't get the memo thus allowing his helmet to do a quick tour of the nosebleed seats at "maybe we should dial the intensity of the off-yellow back a bit" stadium

Posted by fridge rules on March 09, 2018 at 02:53 AM

Don't know what these announcers saw as far as the high stick goes, but Johansen gets the jump, turtles and still gets fed. Meh fight but glad the two Ryan's finally dropped em.

Posted by brownhouser on March 09, 2018 at 10:54 AM

I can’t believe 15 % of you people voted for Johansson.

Posted by SilverSliver on March 09, 2018 at 04:45 PM

Johansen got the first hit or 2 and then it was all Kessler while johansen tried to protect his face. If your that afraid to get hit don't drop the gloves. Easy call for a Kessler win.

Posted by BennyD on March 09, 2018 at 02:40 PM

Kesler better stop thinking he's tough, pretty soon he's gonna try the wrong guy. (See: Matt Cooke/Evander Kane)

Posted by DucksHawkey on March 09, 2018 at 02:13 PM

Kes dummied that fucking mutt Ryjo after he tries to jump him on the face off...

Posted by Hockey nerd on March 09, 2018 at 05:22 PM

Domination from Kesler, killed Johansen. Crap fight though.

Posted by nlill on March 09, 2018 at 06:46 AM

Not sure why Johansen would fight Kesler but at least Kesler finally got his name on the score sheet against Nashville.

Posted by Joefrasco on March 09, 2018 at 02:20 PM

Johansen should be embarrassed. Jumped kesler and then prayed for the referees to stop it. Kesler was 100% justifies I’m giving the turtle sign.

Posted by Humper on March 09, 2018 at 02:15 PM

Kesler dominates The Battle of The Ryans.

Posted by Patman on March 10, 2018 at 04:15 PM

LMAO! Nice beat down to beat down the Trashville Predatard player!

Posted by Slpshot on March 09, 2018 at 12:46 PM

Johansen is a joke! No wonder Columbus got rid of him!!

Posted by hughcares on March 09, 2018 at 09:07 AM

Kesler will go down as one of the all time classless pussies who ever played the game. History of fighting star players and he has the nerve to give the old turtle sign.

Posted by tpr1960 on March 09, 2018 at 07:55 AM

I think Johansen tripped over the stick on the ice. I saw Johansen's name in the score sheet, didn't find a kessler there, if I was Ducksnation I would be more worried about actually getting into the playoffs................ducks are teetering................Kings win tomorrow they knock the whole ducksnatoin outside the 8...................