Randy McKay

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Jan 25, 1967
From: Montreal, QC Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs.
NHL Fights: 6
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Randy McKay vs. Chris Herperger
3 Pd 3:20
@MON ATL Chris Herperger
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Bryan Muir vs. Randy McKay
2 Pd 8:22
MON @COL Bryan Muir
McKay was certainly the aggressor in this one. Typical Muir fight - he held his head as far away as possible, and looked like he didn't want to be there. The only punch that could be considered landed was one that glazed/bounced off McKay's shoulder and slowly, and I do mean slowly hit McKay in the face (it made his hair bounce, so the crowd cheered it). Bit of a snoozer. Other Penalties: McKay received an elbowing.
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Todd Simpson vs. Randy McKay
1 Pd 5:58
MON @ARI Todd Simpson
Starts off as a wrestling match, then Simpson throws a few short lefts. They both do the straight-arm tie up and Simpson does a short jab with the hand that holds the jersey. They both start throwing punches. McKay throws the right while Simpson throws the left. Simpson may have landed a couple to the back of McKay's head, but the fight ends when they tie each other up and McKay lands on top of Simpson.
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Chris Neil vs. Randy McKay
1 Pd 20:0
MON @OTT Chris Neil
They collide in the corner and McKay doesn't back down. Neil throws the gloves, as does McKay and they grapple in tight for position. Lots of wrestling going on here, and no one can get the hand free. McKay manages to land a couple of weak lefts and maybe a right to the face, while Neil lands maybe a very slightly harder couple of punches with the right. They continue to pull in tight with McKay really trying to get free. Neil has him tied up good and spins and manages to get himself half-loose, but before anything lands the linesmen come in.
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Randy McKay vs. Wade Belak
1 Pd 11:29
@MON TOR Wade Belak
Both are shoving infront of the net and decide to drop them. Both grab on, glance one shot each, and then hold on again. Belak landes three nice jabs with the hand he is holding onto McKay's jersey with, then McKay lands a little jab himself. They are grappling for position for a while when Belak gets a hand loose and lands three bombs on McKay. Two hitting the side of his head and landing well. The linesmen come in and it's over. Mckay has a bloody lip afterwards.
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Randy McKay vs. Jason Strudwick
2 Pd 2:1
@MON CHI Jason Strudwick
Strudwick checked McKay in the corner and they dropped the gloves. At first they were just holding on to each other against the boards for quite a while, no punches thrown. They then get onto open ice and still holding on, until Strudwick starts throwing a couple of decent and some weak punches. Nothing connected really well. McKay was just holding on through the whole fight.