Ian Laperriere

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: C
Birthday: Jan 19, 1974
From: Montreal, QC Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 197 lbs.
NHL Fights: 16
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Ian Laperriere vs. D.J. Smith
1 Pd 13:24
@LAK COL D.J. Smith
Starts out at center ice. Lappy starts landing a few on Smith. Then Smith answers back with about 10-12 lefts. They all landed, but many seemed to hit helmet. They get tied up and teh linesmen jump in.
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Ian Laperriere vs. Brent Sopel
2 Pd 19:58
@LAK VAN Brent Sopel
By the time the camera gets to them, Laperriere is throwing rights at Sopel, who is covering up. Sopel then starts some lefts which result in a couple landing on the helmet. Both tie up and then Laperriere tries to throw a left hook that misses and causes both to fall to the ice.
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Ron Petrovicky vs. Ian Laperriere
2 Pd 7:24
LAK @NYR Ron Petrovicky
Fight starts off with Lappy throwing three rights, then Petrovicky answers back with two rights. Can't tell if any landed since the camera wasn't zoomed in. As it zooms in, they continue to trade rights with Lappy landing one to the side of the head. Lappy starts pushing Petrovicky back while trying to land rights. Petrovicky tries to to throw a couple rights in response, but once his back hits the boards, he tries to get a headlock on. Both continue to try throwing the rights until they are broken up.
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Andy Sutton vs. Ian Laperriere
1 Pd 13:47
LAK @ATL Andy Sutton
Two minutes prior Sutton goes and hits Jason Allison which looks like a knee on knee. Sutton gets a roughing. After Sutton gets out of the penalty box he waits and Lappy is on his way. They both immediately drop the gloves, and Lappy dives right in. They both have a good hold on each others arms and Lappy throws 1 maybe that hit the helmet. Sutton basically took over from there. They have a tight hold and Sutton gets an arm free and throws like 8-9 noogies/short punches that all connect on top of Lappy's head. Linesmen come in and break it up.
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Bryan Marchment vs. Ian Laperriere
3 Pd 15:28
LAK @SJS Bryan Marchment
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Ian Laperriere vs. Barret Jackman
2 Pd 3:55
@LAK STL Barret Jackman
Both started the fight tied up, trying to get the upper hand. Then Lappy had his right free and both started throwing punches. Jackman with the left and Laperriere with the right. At the beginning of the fight, Jackman ripped off Lappy's helmet. Towards the middle, Jackman removed his. Jackman ended with a couple punches towards the end of the fight.
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Mark Bell vs. Ian Laperriere
3 Pd 8:51
LAK @CHI Mark Bell
They go off the draw, Bell throws some uppercuts one of which seemed to stun Ian. Laperriere tries to come back, but ends up pushing Bell down to the ice. A quickie.
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Ian Laperriere vs. Shane Doan
1 Pd 3:50
@LAK ARI Shane Doan
A few minutes after the Simpson-Brennan fight, these two hook up. Lappy goes for a big hit on Doan behind the LA net. Instead, Doan lowers his shoulder and drills Lappy. Lappy gets back up and goes after Doan. Doan shoves him back and the gloves come off. All grappling at first then Lappy tries a right which comes short. Doan gets free and throws a big right (which may have connected, not sure) and an uppercut which lands. Doan then tries throwing a couple more rights but Lappy got a hold of the jersey and none came close to landing. They exchange a few short rights and Lappy pins Doan against the boards. Lappy throw about 5 lefts at Doan (a few landing, nothing significant though) and they both wrestle to the ice, with Lappy on top.
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Derian Hatcher vs. Ian Laperriere
2 Pd 19:45
LAK @DAL Derian Hatcher
Stars up 6-2 in the second. In front of the LA bench, Lappy is trying to get something started and drops them with Hatch. Immediate punching, with neither landing anything. Then Hatcher starts connecting with some noogies and Lappy buries his head in Hatcher's sweater. Hatch grabs the back of Lappy's helmet, but it won't give, so Hatch starts pummelling the back of Lappy's head until the helmet comes off. Lappy looks up and Hatch connects with a huge right. Lappy turtles and Hatch gives him few going down.
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Ian Laperriere vs. Scott Ferguson
2 Pd 8:8
@LAK EDM Scott Ferguson
Laperriere trying to get his team going picks a fight with Ferguson and scores an easy win. He got Fergy's helmet off and peppered his head with noogies. Ferguson landed three lefts, then Lappy burried his head in Ferguson's chest. Lappy then got the takedown.
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Ian Laperriere vs. Shawn Heins
1 Pd 11:11
@LAK SJS Shawn Heins
Lappy throws about 5 at Heins, a couple connect. They wrestle, then Heins throws a couple of left bombs, one of which dropped Lappy.
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Ian Laperriere vs. Steve Montador
2 Pd 14:24
@LAK CAL Steve Montador
They were pretty tied up at center ice. Montador threw some quick lefts at the beginning. None of them really landed. Then Laperriere started to throw rights, maybe one of them landing. Montador went down to his knees for a second and so did Lapparrieree. Then the linesmen came in. Other Penalties: Montador received a game misconduct.
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Ian Laperriere vs. Dave Scatchard
2 Pd 4:52
@LAK NYI Dave Scatchard
These two squareoff after the game becomes chippy. Scatchard starts firing away. Ian is caught in an awkward position and falls to the ice with Scatchard on top of him.
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Jason Doig vs. Ian Laperriere
3 Pd 15:36
LAK @WAS Jason Doig
Doig lays a hit on Sims in the Caps' end and Lappy takes exception. Off they come with Lappy rippin Doig's helmet off and then Doig throwing 4-5 rights, with none doing damage. Lappy returns the favor with the same results. That's it. Other Penalties: Laperriere received a roughing.
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Bryan Marchment vs. Ian Laperriere
1 Pd 3:24
LAK @COL Bryan Marchment
Good toe to toe fight, both with the lefts at first and then both switching. Marchment seemed to land some nice shots early. Replays show him with his elbow pad over his left hand hitting the side of Laperriere's helmet with some very weak blows due to his arm tangled up in his jersey. Laperriere then lands a few straight rights that rocked Marchment including the best shot of the fight. Marchment then lands a few to end the fight as they go down to the ice. Marchment in the box with a cut on the bridge of the nose.
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Ian Laperriere vs. Bryan Allen
1 Pd 0:43
@LAK VAN Bryan Allen
Lappy lays a big hit on Allen and waits for him to get up to issue the challenge. They drop 'em and for the first half of the fight Allen plays defensive and just hangs on while Lappy lands a few nothing shots. Allen finally opens up and lands one or two and that's about it.