Martin Lapointe

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Sep 12, 1973
From: Ville Ste. Pierre, QC Canada
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 215 lbs.
NHL Fights: 5
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Tim Gleason vs. Martin Lapointe
2 Pd 4:12
BOS @LAK Tim Gleason
Lapointe crunched Gleason into the boards from behind and Gleason wasn't happy. He didn't have a stick, but tried to shove Marty a little. Lapointe dropped 'em and started to throw. He and Gleason went down quick, but it didn't even look like Gleason got his gloves off. Didn't deserve majors. Other Penalties: Lapointe received a boarding.
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Martin Lapointe vs. Rob Davison
1 Pd 15:19
@BOS SJS Rob Davison
  (0%) - Voted rating: 5.3
They're along the boards, give a stick whack to each other and the gloves come off. Davison throws a quick right, a pause and then they each throw a couple of rights. Davison lands at least one, hard to tell if Lapointe's did due to camera angle. They're tied up for a moment and then Lapointe gets his right free. He throws a few rights while Davison is ducking. They all miss or hit a defensive shoulder. Lapointe goes to switch up as Davison is straightening out. Davison throws a couple of rights as Lapointe takes him down.
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Martin Lapointe vs. Bryan Allen
2 Pd 1:46
@BOS VAN Bryan Allen
On a B's PP, Lapointe is parked in front of Cloutier. Cloutier slashes him and Lapointe returns, then Allen comes in and clears Lapointe out and gives him a face wash. Lapointe shoves back and they go, the ref gets in the way of the camera at the beginning. Lapointe is in close and eats a couple of rights to the side of the head. Lapointe attempts a couple, but comes up short and eats another two rights to the side of the head. Lapointe then tries getting underneath and lifting Allen up to no avail and Allen gets him down and could have nailed him, but held back.
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Nolan Pratt vs. Martin Lapointe
2 Pd 8:26
BOS @TBL Nolan Pratt
They start throwing and both land a few, Lapointe keeps burying his head in Pratt's shoulder, each time he poked his head out he seemed to land some good shots. Lapointe did most of the punching, landing a couple of shots, one of which really caught Pratt good. Pratt landed a few, mostly over the top though, catching helmet.
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Martin Lapointe vs. Chris Simon
3 Pd 11:20
@BOS NYR Chris Simon
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (86.7%) - Voted rating: 3.3
Lapointe is giving it to Poti so Simon comes over, shoves Lapointe a couple of times and finally gets him to go. Lots of holding, then Simon gets his left free and lands four to five shots. Lapointe throws a right which misses and Simon hits him with three to four lefts and the linesman comes in.