Jamal Mayers

2006-2007 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Oct 24, 1974
From: Toronto, ON Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 lbs.
NHL Fights: 9
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Scott Thornton vs. Jamal Mayers
3 Pd 19:41
STL @LAK Scott Thornton
Voted winner:  Scott Thornton   (23.1%) - Voted rating: 5.6
Right off of the draw the two drop the gloves and quickly grab ahold of each other. Mayers throws a right over the top and Thornton responds with two rights just before the two start throwing wild lefts and rights with nothing landing solidly. They exchange rights in tight just before they fall to the ice. The linesmen come in and each player is sent to their respective dressing room.
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Jamal Mayers vs. Travis Moen
1 Pd 14:19
@STL ANA Travis Moen
Voted winner:  Travis Moen   (98.4%) - Voted rating: 6.1
Right after the faceoff the two exchange words and drop the gloves with Mayers grabbing onto Moen only to quickly let go. They square off and Mayers shakes off both of his elbow pads while Moen is content to just tuck his shoulder pad back into his jersey. Moen throws two rights just before he has to go onto the defensive against a charging Mayers. Moen throws a couple of more rights to the back of Mayers' head while Mayers struggles to get going. Moen then connects with a flurry of six straight rights and Mayers falls to the ice, bringing Moen down with him. The linesmen come in and separate the two with Mayers having to skate away sporting a cut on the back of his head.
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Brenden Morrow vs. Jamal Mayers
3 Pd 19:23
STL @DAL Brenden Morrow
Voted winner:  Brenden Morrow   (23.8%) - Voted rating: 5
An offsides call on the Dallas Stars halts play and Mayers goes directly after Morrow. The two quickly drop the gloves and grab ahold of each other, actively wrestling around in tight. Morrrow creates distance and lands an uppercut, following it up with a right to Mayers' helmet. Mayers throws two rights and gets another one in while Morrow goes down to a knee. Morrow gets back up to his feet and the two exchange punches to the back of the head until they lose their balance and head to the ice with the linesmen grabbing them as soon as they fall.
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Jamal Mayers vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 15:52
@STL CAL Darren McCarty
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (87.5%) - Voted rating: 2.9
Away from the play, the two drop the gloves and square off at center ice. After a lengthy staredown where McCarty gets frustrated and motions Mayers to get going already, the two finally grab ahold of each other as Mayers gets McCarty in a headlock. McCarty gets out of it and throws a quick left just before they grapple. McCarty gets free again and throws two lefts before Mayers falls to the ice. McCarty gets in two more while Mayers is down on the ice, forcing the linesmen to move in rather quickly.
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Brad Winchester vs. Jamal Mayers
3 Pd 0:2
STL @EDM Brad Winchester
Voted winner:  Brad Winchester   (36.8%) - Voted rating: 4.7
Right off of the faceoff the two quickly drop their gloves and go directly after each other. Winchester starts things off with a flurry of six straight rights to the side and back of Mayers' helmet while Mayers tries to get free. Mayers comes back with an overhand right and they grapple for a short moment until Winchester throws an uppercut that hits Mayers' chest and falls to his knees. Winchester stands back up and Mayer throws two rights before flipping Winchester and slamming him to the ice. The linesmen are then quick to intervene and separate them.
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Ian Laperriere vs. Jamal Mayers
2 Pd 16:27
STL @COL Ian Laperriere
Voted winner:  Jamal Mayers   (24.2%) - Voted rating: 1.4
Behind the play they drop the gloves and grab on fast. They wrestle a little bit then Mayers tosses an overhand right and Laperriere falls avoiding the punch, bringing Mayers down with him. The linesmen jump in right away and it's over.
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Jordin Tootoo vs. Jamal Mayers
2 Pd 6:21
STL @NSH Jordin Tootoo
Voted winner:  Jordin Tootoo   (48.8%) - Voted rating: 8.4
Other Penalties: Tootoo received an interference.
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Jamal Mayers vs. Ryane Clowe
1 Pd 9:43
@STL SJS Ryane Clowe
Voted winner:  Ryane Clowe   (94.4%) - Voted rating: 5.2
Clowe and Mayers exchange a few words along the side boards before deciding to drop the gloves. They quickly grab ahold of each other and Mayers starts things off with a right. Clowe attempts a couple of locked-out rights, but nothing comes of it. Mayers then fakes with the right and throws a left that just misses, allowing Clowe to connect with an overhand right to the side of Mayers' helmet. Mayers loses his balance and falls to the ice. Mayers starts to get back up, but Clowe lands an uppercut followed by a straight right. Mayers throws a wild right that misses the target and Clowe gets in two more rights while Mayers falls to the ice for the last time. The linesmen jump on top and Clowe stands right up, examining his injured right hand.
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Rhett Warrener vs. Jamal Mayers
1 Pd 2:18
STL @CAL Rhett Warrener
Voted winner:  Jamal Mayers   (94.7%) - Voted rating: 4.5
Other Penalties: Mayers received a crosschecking.