April 11, 2015
2nd Period - 13:58
2014-2015 Regular Season
Voting Results
Scooter Vaughan 100% (5 votes)
Scott Sabourin 0% (0 votes)
Draw 0% (0 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by von_swine on April 11, 2015 at 09:15 PM

give Sabourin credit for tryin to get back up early in the fight, but that's where he got in too deep as Scooter took full advantage and wailed on him.. but, that's showbiz.. #7 FTW in a great, salty game for a Saturday..

Posted by mr hockey on April 12, 2015 at 09:26 AM

who the hell is this announcer? he blows Lol

Posted by Jordybats99 on February 20, 2016 at 09:07 PM

Win Scooter Vaughan.