Jason Marshall

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Feb 22, 1971
From: Cranbrook, BC Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
NHL Fights: 5
Date/Time For Against Opponent
D.J. Smith vs. Jason Marshall
2 Pd 13:32
MIN @COL D.J. Smith
Smith and Marshall grab each others jerseys, dance for one second, then Smith starts throwing lefts, landing all but one. Marshall did not land the first one and about the 5th left thrown by Smith took Marshall completely down.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Jason Marshall vs. Ryan Smyth
2 Pd 6:42
@MIN EDM Ryan Smyth
Marshall was tied up, Smyth dropped them and started throwing them first. Looked like Carter was holding Marshall back. Then Marshall started to throw and Smyth went down. Other Penalties: Smyth received an interference.
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Jason Marshall vs. Jim Vandermeer
1 Pd 12:26
@MIN PHI Jim Vandermeer
Vandermeer hits Marshall in the corner, they push and shove and the gloves come off at the same time. Each grab with one hand and fire with the other. Both landed punches, Vandermeer landed the best one of the fight, a right square to the nose of Marshall, that bloodied him a little bit.
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Jason Marshall vs. Steve Montador
2 Pd 16:4
@MIN CAL Steve Montador
Drop em behind the net and jostle for position. Montador throws rights which are not connecting. Then they tie up a little bit and both come out throwing lefts to the side of each other's helmets. Looks like Montador was doing more damage with his lefts than Marshall. Marshall then goes for the takedown.
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Jason Marshall vs. Robyn Regehr
3 Pd 19:34
@MIN CAL Robyn Regehr
Long entertaining fight with both fighters landing some. Regehr gets the takedown in the end.