Jason Marshall

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Feb 22, 1971
From: Cranbrook, BC Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
NHL Fights: 6
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Ian Laperriere vs. Jason Marshall
2 Pd 11:21
MIN @LAK Ian Laperriere
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Jason Marshall vs. Ethan Moreau
1 Pd 4:13
@MIN EDM Ethan Moreau
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Jason Marshall vs. Ian Laperriere
1 Pd 10:3
@MIN LAK Ian Laperriere
These two also fought in the 1st meeting of the year. Lots of grappling, Marshall threw mostly lefts, looked like one may have connected to Laperriere's face. Laperriere missed a huge uppercut at the end.
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Matt Cooke vs. Jason Marshall
1 Pd 18:11
MIN @VAN Matt Cooke
As the 1st fight started, Marshall goes after Cooke by the Wild net during a scrum. Cooke throws off his gloves and fires about 2 rights that knock Marshall down. He's bloody. A linesman breaks it up as Cooke is on top of Jason. As Marshall gets up, he's able to break away from the linesman and challenge Cooke for round 2. Matt basically held on and ducked his head to avoid getting hit. Marshall landed a couple helmet shots and that was that. As he went to the bench, J.M. pointed to the Canucks bench. Other Penalties: Cooke received a roughing and both players received game misconducts.
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David Ling vs. Jason Marshall
3 Pd 14:37
MIN @CBJ David Ling
This one took place during a commercial and was replayed upon return. Apparently starts as Ling comes to his teammate's aid after a questionable hit. I think Marshall was wearing a visor so he dumped it prior to the fight to avoid the penalty. Fair square off. Both guys jump in and grab on. Marshall initiates things with a right that grazes the top of Ling's helmet and follows up with another right that's hard to call due to the camera angle. Ling goes with a left that barely misses Marshall's jaw and slams into his collarbone. A follow up just does graze Marshall's jaw. A wild right by Marshall comes up short but throws Ling off balance and he falls pulling both guys down. Marshall get a nothing right in on the way down. The linesmen are in and it is over.
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Mike Brown vs. Jason Marshall
2 Pd 16:48
MIN @VAN Mike Brown
Brown landed one of his first punches and had Marshall turning his head so not to give him a clear shot at his face. Marshall goes down and Brown continues to throw after the refs move in.