Jay Gilbert

2008-2009 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Aug 15, 1991
From: Port Stanley, ON Canada
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 lbs.
OHL Fights: 3
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Jay Gilbert vs. Nick Palmieri
3 Pd 6:49
@NIA ERI Nick Palmieri
Palmieri received a slashing.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Chris VanLaren vs. Jay Gilbert
2 Pd 17:43
NIA @SBY Chris VanLaren
VanLaren received an instigator and misconduct; Gilbert a roughing.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Justin Shugg vs. Jay Gilbert
3 Pd 7:31
NIA @WSR Justin Shugg
Chris DeSousa received a roughing and misconduct; Jeremy Smith a roughing and misconduct; Rob Kwiet a roughing and misconduct; Josh Unice a double roughing and miscondcut.