Matthew Barnaby

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: May 04, 1973
From: Ottawa, ON Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 188 lbs.
NHL Fights: 17
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Lyle Odelein
1 Pd 16:34
@NYR FLA Lyle Odelein
Voted winner:  Lyle Odelein   (50%) - Voted rating: 5.1
This one starts at the same time as Hordi-Simon, but on the opposite side of the ice and the camera doesn't focus on them for a bit. When they do both guys are throwing right hands and spinning. Odelein falls on top at end.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Steve Ott
2 Pd 0:7
@NYR DAL Steve Ott
They have some words before the puck is dropped to start the second period and have to be seperated by the ref. After the puck is dropped they follow each other off the faceoff and Ott drops the gloves. Barnaby waits to drop em, does after two seconds, and away we go. They both exchange a couple of soft punches and then Ott pounds Barnaby with two rights and as a result, Barnaby finds himself pinned to the boards. Then, Ott pulls the front of Barnaby's jersey over his head and Barnaby has the jersey over his head for the majority of the fight. Barnaby manages to get out of the pin and they continue to grapple for five seconds or so before Barnaby gets a left free and gets in a couple of shots. He then pushes the jersey over his head and Ott shakes off an elbow pad and Ott throws two good lefts and Barnaby two good rights and they go down with Barnaby on top.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Kelly Buchberger
1 Pd 2:4
@NYR PIT Kelly Buchberger
Started after a hit by Barnaby. They drop em and Buchy starts throwing some big rights, not too much landing. Barnaby counters with some short punches, they get in close and wrestle for position. Buchy tries to land a few, nothing much. Typical Barnaby fight, shook the head to wave off the refs, nothing major landing.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Owen Nolan
2 Pd 17:38
@NYR TOR Owen Nolan
Nolan punches Kasper the play before this, then Barnaby meets up with Nolan and does the same thing he did to Exelby, by dropping the gloves and grabbing on. Nolan then throws down and they go toe to toe for about 6-8 seconds with Nolan getting one or two better shots in, then they tie up and Nolan wants no more of it while Barnaby shakes his head at the linesmen telling them to stay out. Barnaby throws three more punches, two landed, but no damage done. Other Penalties: Barnaby received a roughing.
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Tie Domi vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 19:43
NYR @TOR Tie Domi
Voted winner:  Tie Domi   (83.3%) - Voted rating: 6
Domi and Barnaby squareoff. Domi starts throwing lefts that connect. Barnaby gets sent to his knees along the boards and the fight is broken up. Other Penalties: Mark Messier received a game misconduct.
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Tie Domi vs. Matthew Barnaby
2 Pd 13:25
NYR @TOR Tie Domi
They squareoff again in this game. Domi fakes a few rights. He gets Barnaby a bit off-balance and moves in with some quick lefts. Barnaby can only get about one right in while he's taking in the lefts. Domi may have gotten him with a solid left and Barnaby is cleaning up the ice again.
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Zdeno Chara vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 3:4
NYR @OTT Zdeno Chara
These two just step out the box for roughing minors, and can't wait to have a dance. Nice squareoff as they step out the penalty box. They both dive in, Chara has a big reach advantage, throws a couple of jersey-punches with his left hand. Chara is so tall Barnaby has to grab Chara's left shoulder, NOT his right shoulder (simply cant reach it!). Barnaby actually gets in a decent right hand. They spin a little bit, Chara has his right hand cocked and ready and then Chara gets in a nice uppercut as they go to the ice.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Ian Moran
1 Pd 19:49
@NYR BOS Ian Moran
Voted winner:  Matthew Barnaby   (59.1%) - Voted rating: 6.3
Lindros and O'Donnell get together. Sean gives him a hard slash, Lindros responds and Sean drops the gloves. Eric hesitates and in comes Simon and Barnaby, as well as Moran. Lindros finally drops them, but the main attraction is Barnaby vs. Moran. They skate away from the scrum and Barnaby is able to get Moran's helmet off. He begins throwing rights, landing about five of them and then Moran gets the right going, responding with a few. Barnaby's five rights appear to do some damage, he then mixes in a left. Moran then gets the left going and they are going toe to toe for a good 15 seconds. Finally they take a break, but skate towards center ice. They each would land a few more shots before tiring and the linesmen come in. Other Penalties: Eric Lindros received a high sticking; Sean O'Donnell a roughing.
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Hal Gill vs. Matthew Barnaby
2 Pd 6:43
NYR @BOS Hal Gill
Voted winner:  Hal Gill   (96.2%) - Voted rating: 5.3
Gill is trying to break up the Thornton/Lindros scrum so that Big Joe doesn't get sent to the box, but Barnaby comes in and grabs on to Gill. Gill is throwing bombs using his enormous reach advantage while Barnaby is just holding on, although Barnaby didn't look like he had any damage.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Nick Boynton
1 Pd 5:2
@NYR BOS Nick Boynton
Voted winner:  Nick Boynton   (40%) - Voted rating: 5.9
These two get going around the Bruins net. Lots of holding to start it off, finally Barnaby gets his right free and throws a few body shots and mixes in some punches to the head. Boynton gets his right free and lands a few, and they both start exchanging some short punches. Barnaby was doing his trademark head-shaking every time he got hit. Barnaby removes Boynton's helmet and lands another punch or two. This long fight finally ends as both fighters get wrapped up and the linesmen come in. Other Penalties: Mike Knuble and Chris Simon each received a roughing.
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Donald Brashear vs. Matthew Barnaby
3 Pd 2:50
NYR @PHI Donald Brashear
Voted winner:  Matthew Barnaby   (33.3%) - Voted rating: 2.7
In a blow out game, Brash goes in deep and gives Barnaby a shove to the face. Barnaby sheds the gloves and so does Brashear, but as they grab on Purinton comes third man in which starts a big pile on. No real punches thrown, but Fedoruk threw two body slams on Rangers players. Other Penalties: Dale Purinton received a roughing and game misconduct; Todd Fedoruk a roughing; Brashear a roughing.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Arron Asham
3 Pd 18:32
@NYR NYI Arron Asham
Voted winner:  Arron Asham   (94%) - Voted rating: 6.8
Barnaby gives Scatchard a push going into the Islanders zone and by Dipietro Barnaby's waiting for Asham and they drop their gloves and grab on. They grab with the left and throw with the right at first. Barnaby gets off the first few, then Asham responds with a few of his own. They slow down and start going back and forth one at a time in a grapple. Asham is having problems getting his right free so he slips it out of his jersey. He takes over from there landing some hard shots and spinning the two of them against the glass. The linesmen come in at that point.
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Jeremy Stevenson vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 11:25
NYR @NSH Jeremy Stevenson
Voted winner:  Jeremy Stevenson   (87%) - Voted rating: 4.4
They meet in front of the net after the whistle and they decide to go... then MSG goes to commercial. On the replay and it was all Stevenson from the five seconds they showed. Stevenson landed some close-in rights to a ducking and hugging Barnaby. John Davidson said Stevenson threw Barnaby to the ice to end the fight.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Darcy Verot
1 Pd 1:9
@NYR WAS Darcy Verot
Voted winner:  Darcy Verot   (96.3%) - Voted rating: 6.1
These two are talking after a face off and eventually square off. Verot has a good hold of Barnaby's jersey and Barnaby is trying to throw punches. Verot throws three or four rights, hard to tell what connected. Barnaby is trying to get his arm out of his jersey, but Verot won't let him. Barnaby is totally tangled up in his jersey and Verot gets in a few shots before Barnaby falls backwards. Other Penalties: Verot received a slashing.
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Ethan Moreau vs. Matthew Barnaby
2 Pd 0:57
COL @EDM Ethan Moreau
Voted winner:  Matthew Barnaby   (97.8%) - Voted rating: 5.8
When the camera gets there, they trade some weak punches, hard to tell what landed because of the angle. Barnaby gets control and Moreau is ducking. Then Barnaby lands several rights to the back of Moreau's head as he is ducking. Moreau tries to throw some more, but is winded and the linesmen come in.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Brad Ference
1 Pd 11:25
@COL ARI Brad Ference
They go in the corner behind Boucher. Matt takes off his helmet, then Ference does the same since he wears a shield. Typical Barnaby fight off the bat, nice and slow paced with Ference getting some decent shots in. They trade rights and lefts, nothing major until Matt lands a big left handed uppercut. Brad just held on from then on in. The linesmen then come in to break it up.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 10:13
@COL DET Darren McCarty
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (93.9%) - Voted rating: 6.7
They both drop em and start swinging. Toe to toe at the start and McCarty landed a wicked punch. It stunned Barnaby, they started to grapple, McCarty got a few more in, Barnaby tried to answer, and the linesmen stepped in. Barnaby was covered in blood.