Matthew Barnaby

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: May 04, 1973
From: Ottawa, ON Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 188 lbs.
NHL Fights: 21
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Dave Scatchard
3 Pd 6:20
@TBL NYI Dave Scatchard
Shortly after a faceoff, these two drop the gloves. Scatchard threw and landed some shots. They tie up, and it appears like nothing much more will happen when Scatch lands a pretty hard shot. They tie up again, and the refs come in. Barnaby is yapping like always, but it didn't look like he ever wanted to do any real throwing anyway.
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Kevin Sawyer vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 7:38
TBL @ANA Kevin Sawyer
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Matthew Barnaby vs. David Karpa
3 Pd 9:8
@TBL NYR David Karpa
Other Penalties: Theo Fleury received a roughing and misconduct.
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Tie Domi vs. Matthew Barnaby
2 Pd 2:41
TBL @TOR Tie Domi
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Eric Cairns vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 11:56
TBL @NYI Eric Cairns
The two square off and Cairns just grabs Barnaby and starts throwing hard. Cairns really controls this one. Throws 4 or 5 big punches while Barnaby just holds on. Lands at least 3 semi-cleanly. He punched with one hand and jerked his hand holding Barnaby's jersey back and forth and just had complete control. The last one, a right towards the back of his head sends him down (not in the sense of a knockout, it just powered him down, probably willingly on Barnaby's part). Good showing. Mismatch, but with history there, it was expected.
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Zdeno Chara vs. Matthew Barnaby
3 Pd 12:10
TBL @OTT Zdeno Chara
Barnaby basically jumped Chara from behind, threw some while Chara stood there hunched over. Barnaby then pulled/pushed him down. Chara didn't drop his gloves. Chara then receives a roughing a couple of minutes later (with Dave Andreychuk). Not impressive by Big Z (especially when he showed heart against Parker on the 6th). Other Penalties: Barnaby received an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Jason Wiemer
3 Pd 17:5
@NYR FLA Jason Wiemer
Barnaby's first fight as a Ranger. Shortly after a faceoff, the two get together outside of the Rangers zone. Gloves drop and there's the squareoff (with Barnaby's awkwardly tilted skates). They grab and are trying to grapple for position while throwing some "armpit punches." Wiemer throws 2 short rights that connect and then a left that misses. Wiemer then gets Barnaby's helmet off with his left hand (a grab); as he's doing that Barnaby attempts a right that gets blocked by Wiemer's shoulder. Wiemer then rockets down two rights that land solidly to the side of Barnaby's head as he's hunched over. A third gets Barnaby's back, and a fourth misses. Barnaby is starting to yap and Wiemer throws two more rights that Barnaby seems to dodge. Barnaby finally counters with a left that lands ok, kinda slap style. He then throws another left putting all his weight into it and Wiemer falls with Barnaby on top of him.
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Kelly Buchberger vs. Matthew Barnaby
2 Pd 19:42
NYR @LAK Kelly Buchberger
Buchberger starts off with three rights. I thought perhaps one landed but JD said nothing landed. Bucky ties up Barnaby. Matt is doing his best to get his hands free. He gets the left free, throws an uppercut that landed, then they both trade some punches with little landing by either player. Bucky then gets the death grip on Barnaby and really tries to pull him down and succeeds by pulling Matt down on top of him. Not a great bout. It appeared that after the initial flurry, Buchberger was finished and wanted to wrestle.
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Sean Brown vs. Matthew Barnaby
2 Pd 2:55
NYR @EDM Sean Brown
Started at center ice away from the play. Brown got his right loose and landed three good rights. Barnaby tried to throw back but got pulled down to Brown's chest and Brown landed several good right uppercuts. Brown switched at the end of the fight to his left and landed two good punches that put Barnaby to the ice.
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Luke Richardson vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 5:51
NYR @PHI Luke Richardson
Voted winner:  Luke Richardson   (97.4%) - Voted rating: 4.8
It started behind the Flyers' net with Barnaby egging Luke on. Richardson back-skated seeming not to want to go at first, then he dropped the gloves and started throwing. He missed/grazed the first two shots off the top of Barnaby's helmet. Then Luke threw three more, connecting on two before they fell to the ice. Richardson threw one more as they went down.
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Jim Cummins vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 6:56
NYR @NYI Jim Cummins
Cummins gets the right going pretty well and tags Barnaby with a couple. Barnaby puts his head down and starts firing back and looks to catch Cummins with one that puts him down (then throws one more for good measure). Looked more like a push or a slip then a punch that put Cummins down.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. P.J. Stock
1 Pd 8:28
@NYR BOS P.J. Stock
Voted winner:  P.J. Stock   (71%) - Voted rating: 6.8
It started along the boards. Both fighters having a strong hold on each others shirt. Stock gets off about 10 rapid fire jabs, Barnaby tries to return a couple, but they are in tight so neither is opening up. Then with Matt mouthing and shaking his head, they skate to center ice to clear the refs. They both try to throw punches, with Barnaby getting a few of his own off. Barnaby has a real tight grip on Stock, so PJ cant get going. Barnaby then misses with a big roundhouse. The whole time, Matt is shaking his head and jawwing. They then skate away again, but after some spinning and shaking, the refs step in.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Mike Knuble
2 Pd 14:11
@NYR BOS Mike Knuble
Little scrum starts when Sean O'Donnell has his stick up around the head of Sandy McCarthy, McCarthy swings his stick back at him and punches him a couple of times as they go up against the boards. Looks as if it is gonna turn ugly as everyone on the ice is paired up, the linesman start to break them up as Barnaby and Knuble go at it, mainly wrestling, Barnaby gets his jersey over his head and attempts a punch which doesn't land, after some more wrestling they each throw a half punch and Barnaby gets a take down. Other Penalties: McCarthy received a double roughing; O'Donnell a roughing.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Pavel Kubina
1 Pd 18:35
@NYR TBL Pavel Kubina
Pretty funny fight. Kubina does not throw a single punch during the bout. Barnaby pulls Kubina's jersey off and lands two big rights near the end of this one-sided "bout".
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Jesse Wallin vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 13:2
NYR @DET Jesse Wallin
Wallin is holding Matt in front of the Rangers net. Barnaby isn't really paying too much attention to Wallin for a while then wakes up and starts pushing Wallin back. Wallin drops the gloves first and locks onto Barnaby. Matt doesn't even have his gloves off and still has his stick in hand. He finally frees himself of his stick and gloves and locks into Wallin. Wallin is guarding against Matt's right hand and is taken by surprise when Matt starts rapidly throwing short, straight lefts that are connecting. Barnaby lands about three or four of these and takes Wallin off balance and down he goes. Matt threw a couple more while Wallin is on the ice and that's the end of this little scrap.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Donald Brashear
3 Pd 11:19
@NYR PHI Donald Brashear
Karpa and Brash were about to go, and Jabberjaw stepped in for Karpa. Barnaby quickly yanked Brash's helmet off, so Brash returned the favor. It seemed Matt only wanted to hug while Brash was trying to free up...and after a long dance, finally he did. Brash started throwing and let 10 shots go to none for Barnaby. He landed the first five to the side of a turtling Barnaby. He then landed one more to the back of Matt's head. Then Brash opened up and threw four big shots, which he appeared to land 2 of them. Side note: on the way to the box, Karpa skated to Brash. As Brash went for Karpa, Barnaby jumped in again and the refs grabbed Barnaby and Brash, and Karpa fell to the ice. Other Penalties: Brashear received a double roughing and misconduct; Barnaby a misconduct; Dave Karpa a roughing and misconduct.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Bob Boughner
1 Pd 4:51
@NYR CAL Bob Boughner
Boughner tries to run Matt and they end up knocking legs with each other. Matt is not too pleased with Bobby's intentions here, so he skates over to him and off go the gloves. Boughner lands a couple of solid lefts to start this bout while Barnaby holds on. Each is holding onto each other as they spin in circles. Matt is trying to get free, but Bob has him in check. Boughner may have landed one or two more before he takes Matt down to the ice. As usual, during the fight, Barnaby is shaking his head telling the refs to stay away. Also, Matt left the ice with a trainer on his way out and they think he may have been hurt with the initial leg-on-leg hit or during the takedown.
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Ken Daneyko vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 1:35
NYR @NJD Ken Daneyko
After the Devils score a goal, Barnaby is just looking for someone to fight. Daneyko then drops them. That is the most exciting part. They square off for what seems like an eternity, Daneyko throws about one punch and then they both topple.
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Brad Ference vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 6:22
NYR @FLA Brad Ference
They wrestle for a little, then Ference lands a harmless right jab. They wrestle a little more, then Barnaby lands a harmless left jab. Barnaby is then able to get his right out of the jersey and starts to take control. He lands 2 or 3 decent rights and misses with 1 big left. Ference then decides to start fighting back with some solid lefts. Barnaby then responds by landing a good uppercut. Ference then lands 3 straight lefts that do no damage. Barnaby then lands a shot, the Ference responds with 2 more. The linesman are now in. Other Penalties: Ference received an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct.
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Nick Boynton vs. Matthew Barnaby
3 Pd 19:43
NYR @BOS Nick Boynton
On the bext shift after a Barnaby late empty net goal, Boynton and Matt have a little staredown. Nick takes a look up at the clock, and figures there's just enough time for the gloves to be dropped. They come together as Boynton tosses a couple wild rights that don't land much. Both players are trying to get loose, but can't as there's a lot of holding going on. There's a couple of more punches thrown, but nothing powerful as it's quick and back to the hold. At the end of the fight, Barnaby goes for a wild punch and falls. Boynton's got his fist cocked back, but doesn't throw. Barnaby acknowledge's the hold-back with a nod after. Class move by both, although the fight wasn't much.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Tom Kostopoulos
3 Pd 2:32
@NYR PIT Tom Kostopoulos
Horrible camera coverage. First half of fight is blocked by the boards. Almost all the rest by the refs. They both seemed to be throwing actively. It looked like Barnaby might have landed a few decent shots, but it's hard to tell.