Chris Dingman

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Jul 06, 1976
From: Edmonton, AB Canada
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245 lbs.
NHL Fights: 16
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Chris Dingman vs. Andrei Nazarov
3 Pd 17:22
@TBL ARI Andrei Nazarov
Nazarov puts a big hit on Pratt after a whistle. Dingman lines up next to Nazarov, they both bump into each other and the gloves come off. Dingman immediately starts hugging and Nazarov throws about 5-6 lefts to the back of his helmet. Dingman then tries to throw a soft punch. Nazarov throws another left, which looked like it could've done damage if it landend flush. Then Dingman goes into the hug as Nazarov gets the takedown.
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Chris Dingman vs. Steve Webb
1 Pd 10:33
@TBL PIT Steve Webb
Dingman and Webb look to go, but Webb doesn't drop the gloves and as Dingman gets ready to pound him, McKenna jumps in and him and Dingman tackle each other. Many penalties then handed out for little reason. Other Penalties: Dingman an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct; McKenna a game misconduct.
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Craig MacDonald vs. Chris Dingman
3 Pd 12:51
TBL @FLA Craig MacDonald
MacDonald took a run at Dingman and Dingman drops his gloves. MacDonald was doing well until Hordichuk went after Dingman and broke the fight up. Other Penalties: Darcy Hordichuk received a misconduct; Lyle Odelein a holding.
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Chris Dingman vs. Richard Scott
2 Pd 15:53
@TBL NYR Richard Scott
The moment Scott meets up with Dingman along the boards the eject button is pushed. Scott starts throwing first with the left, maybe landing one. Dingman responds with a few rights. Scott then continues with the lefts and Dingman loses his balance.
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Chris Dingman vs. Chris Neil
2 Pd 13:20
@TBL OTT Chris Neil
They're in the corner talking and talking and talking... They drop the gloves and Dingman's jersey comes off almost immediately. It's like it pushed the eject button. Neil gets off one poor right, and the rest is Dingman with some helmet-rights, a body shot, and then a few wild punches. He might have landed one or two, but definitely nothing damaging. As he's throwing, Dingman falls. Other Penalties: Neil received a boarding; Dingman a game misconduct.
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Eric Godard vs. Chris Dingman
1 Pd 0:55
TBL @NYI Eric Godard
Voted winner:  Eric Godard   (91.7%) - Voted rating: 5.1
Right off the faceoff they drop the gloves. They're in-tight to start and Godard feeds Dingman about 5-6 rights. Dingman goes to throw a couple of lefts, but gets bent over and turned. He goes to straighten up and Godard throws another right, Dingman goes down. Dingman's got a little blood in the penalty box.
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Zdeno Chara vs. Chris Dingman
2 Pd 7:24
TBL @OTT Zdeno Chara
This one starts up after the whistle. Chara lands two nice uppercuts and at least one overhand right as Dingman was going down.
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Jim Vandermeer vs. Chris Dingman
1 Pd 0:16
TBL @PHI Jim Vandermeer
Dingman lays out Roenick. Roenick stays down, and Vandermeer makes a bee-line for Dingman. (You see a glove literally go flying to about the blue line.) These guys dance around a lot, with Dingman landing one and Vandermeer landing two, but these two are in really close. Vandermeer gets his left free and Dingman totally covers up.
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Chris Neil vs. Chris Dingman
3 Pd 16:53
TBL @OTT Chris Neil
Ottawa scores to go up three. These guys are lined up. Dingman holds and holds as Neil lands a couple of glancing blows. Dingman throws a jab. Neil lands another average blow. Dingman holds and falls again as Neil lands a shot on the way down.
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Chris Simon vs. Chris Dingman
2 Pd 18:22
TBL @NYR Chris Simon
Simon hooks Dingman and asks to dance. He thinks about it and then sheds his gloves and grabs on. Simon rips Dingman's helmet off with his right and throws three lefts, maybe one or two landing as Dingman just hung on and drove Simon up against the benches. Dingman then pushes Simon over the boards.
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Chris Dingman vs. Bob Boughner
1 Pd 13:18
@TBL CAR Bob Boughner
Boogie and Dingman are in the death lock behind the net. They push apart and Boughner lands one, with Dingman actually throwing back and then controlling some grappling. Dingman throws a couple more and falls on Boogie.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Chris Dingman
2 Pd 2:57
TBL @FLA Darcy Hordichuk
Hordi starts off by landing a short right and misses with another. Dingman throws one that misses. Hordichuk throws another one and takes Dingman down along the boards. Dingman seemed very disinterested in throwing any punches.
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Stephen Peat vs. Chris Dingman
2 Pd 17:13
TBL @WAS Stephen Peat
Voted winner:  Stephen Peat   (90.9%) - Voted rating: 4.4
Shortly after the Sarich-Pettinger fight, Peat goes for Dingman. Peat lands a solid initial right and lands two solid uppercuts before Dingman falls.
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Reed Low vs. Chris Dingman
3 Pd 2:15
TBL @STL Reed Low
Starts in front of the penalty boxes and Low gets in five short noogie-rights to the side of Dingman's head, then Dingman pushes Low into the glass. Dingman throws a missed right, and so does Low. They then trade weak rights that hit. Dingman throws one more, and then decides to try to hug out Low. Low throws and lands three or four from each hand, as he switches up a few times, but they all hit helmet or are weak shots. Dingman then gets twisted around and Low falls on top of him.
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Chris McAllister vs. Chris Dingman
1 Pd 1:51
TBL @COL Chris McAllister
Voted winner:  Chris McAllister   (20%) - Voted rating: 3.4
They talk before the faceoff and McAllister trips Dingman. He gets up and they drop em. Dingman throws two rights to McAllister's should and then Mac throws a big right that goes behind Dingman's head, and momentum causes McAllister to go down. While McAllister is getting up Dingman chucks his elbow pad and throws a right, no harm. McAllister throws his own, that lands on the back of Dingman's shoulder as he moves in-close and these two hug until the linesmen come in.
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Mathieu Biron vs. Chris Dingman
3 Pd 6:9
TBL @FLA Mathieu Biron
Voted winner:  Mathieu Biron   (55.6%) - Voted rating: 5
These two drop the gloves in front of the net after some pushing and shoving and Dingman starts off with some early rights. Biron responds by throwing some big rights to Dingman's head and then Dingman takes him down. Other Penalties: Martin Cibak and Nathan Horton each received an unsportsmanlike conduct.