Dave Scatchard

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: C
Birthday: Feb 20, 1976
From: Hinton, AB Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
NHL Fights: 9
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Dave Scatchard
3 Pd 6:20
NYI @TBL Matthew Barnaby
Shortly after a faceoff, these two drop the gloves. Scatchard threw and landed some shots. They tie up, and it appears like nothing much more will happen when Scatch lands a pretty hard shot. They tie up again, and the refs come in. Barnaby is yapping like always, but it didn't look like he ever wanted to do any real throwing anyway.
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Ken Daneyko vs. Dave Scatchard
2 Pd 3:4
NYI @NJD Ken Daneyko
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Dave Scatchard vs. Shjon Podein
1 Pd 10:21
@NYI COL Shjon Podein
Scatchard and Podein go along the side boards, but it was mostly wrestling. Scatchard possibly got in a right.
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Mark Bell vs. Dave Scatchard
2 Pd 6:9
NYI @CHI Mark Bell
Lots of talking in this one. I think perhaps they each contacted a promoter, lined up a date, discussed training programs and then got ready to fight. They drop the gloves and have a pretty long square-off. It's been about half an hour now, and they decide to fight. They're grapple-fighting, and each throw a couple with Scatch possibly landing one (although grazing). Bell then falls on a swing, and as he's falling Scatch is punching and continues to do so when Bell is down (perhaps they agreed on this before-hand?). Bell has a little blood under his nose (I didn't remember seeing anything there before).
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Dave Scatchard vs. Bill Lindsay
3 Pd 10:47
@NYI FLA Bill Lindsay
Near the Islanders penalty box these two start shoving. They decide to go and try to grab on while skating decently fast for a fight. Lindsay is the only one that can grab hold cleanly at first, as he does so with his left hand. He tries to throw a right, and Scatch catches it with his left hand. They do a 180 and Scatchard tries to throw a couple of rights, but Lindsay has his jersey grabbed at the arm towards the elbow. Lindsay then throws a right that misses. They keep spinning...Scatchard then throws a left hook taht grazes and has Lindsay almost in a headlock. He then tries to throw a right while he has Lindsay there, but Lindsay is able to back out of it. After a 360, Lindsay throws a wild right that misses. Slowing down he throws a nice straight right that hits Scatch cleanly. They're still spinning and Lindsay lands a couple of right hooks to the body. Lindsay then pops him with a left (while still holding Scatchard's jersey with that hand) and attempts to quickly get in a right, but the second punch misses. They then hold on and it's broken up.
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Dave Scatchard vs. Steve Montador
2 Pd 2:24
@NYI CAL Steve Montador
Scatch nails Petrovicky behind the Islanders net and is called for interference. Montador then drops his gloves and comes running in. They grab ahold of each other, looks like Montador threw a punch that didn't land hard (if at all), and then they fall (and over Petrovicky, who's still on the ice - didn't Montador want to protect him? irony...). That's it. Other Penalties: Scatchard received an interference; Montador an instigator and misconduct.
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Arron Asham vs. Dave Scatchard
2 Pd 17:20
NYI @MON Arron Asham
The fight started along the boards. There was some chit-chat as they casually dropped their gloves while moving towards center ice. They grabbed on and Scatch got off a couple of over the top punches that seemed to connect. Asham threw one or two, but they didn't seem to make it to Scatchard's head. Then they were in a hold while Asham was trying to get rid of an elbow pad. Scatch kept holding as the linesmen came in and broke it up.
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Dave Scatchard vs. Rob Ray
3 Pd 17:5
@NYI BUF Rob Ray
Along the boards Ray goes with Scatchard. Lots of hugging at first, and then the two open up. Seems even at first. Some punches not doing much on each side. Maybe a few from each. Then it's all Ray. Lots of rights connecting, but Scatchard isn't staggered. Scatch bent over, with the two tired, they get separated and that's it. In the meantime, Cummins is trying to get at Boulton. It's a no-go as the refs are tangling up Cummins. Other Penalties: Cummins received a misconduct.
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Dave Scatchard vs. Colin White
2 Pd 1:30
@NYI NJD Colin White
White and Scatchard are looking at each other about to go. Scatch keeps looking at the bench for permission. No one objects, and his gloves come off. White has the jump on this though and gets in a quick punch. Scatchard then throws two hard ones. The first buckles White's legs! The second doesn't hit quite as hard. Scatch then goes for the takedown, fight over.