Arron Asham

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Apr 13, 1978
From: Portage La Prairie, MB Canada
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 196 lbs.
NHL Fights: 5
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Eric Boulton vs. Arron Asham
1 Pd 5:32
NYI @BUF Eric Boulton
After a good square off, the fight gets under way. Both players start firing hard punches with Boulton landing better shots. Asham gets caught off balance and Boulton lands a punch to the back of Asham's head taking him down. Asham pops Boulton's nose/mouth area to draw some blood.
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Michael Rupp vs. Arron Asham
1 Pd 6:47
NYI @NJD Michael Rupp
Voted winner:  Arron Asham   (94.4%) - Voted rating: 6.1
Rupp and Asham drop em and grapple for position after a rather long squareoff. Rupp lands a couple. Asham comes back with a few lefts after he changes position. Rupp switches hands and lands a couple more. Now Asham gets Rupp turned around and pops him with some real nice shots against the bench. Rupp skates away a little bloody and has to go off for repairs.
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Arron Asham vs. Rhett Warrener
3 Pd 17:46
@NYI BUF Rhett Warrener
Asham starts off throwing those short jersey-grabbing-hand lefts, more annoying than doing any damage. They each throw a couple of bigger punches, looks like Asham lands a decent one. Rhett then takes over and starts throwing with good follow through. Asham got in one more decent right when Rhett missed on one of his rights, and from there it was all Rhett. Asham was ducking to the side as though he just wanted to stop. Nothing Warrener threw at Arron was devasting, but he got in a bunch of rights to the side of the head.
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Scott Hartnell vs. Arron Asham
1 Pd 13:1
NYI @NSH Scott Hartnell
Both players shed their gloves and helmets at center ice. Nice squareoff, then Hartnell lunges in with a wild right. Asham gets out of position while ducking Hartnell's right. Hartnell throws a two or three more rights, with maybe one landing. Asham throws a couple of rights that don't land. Hartnell misses with another right. Asham gets Hartnell's jersey over his head and throws an uppercut before the refs rush in. Couldn't tell if the uppercut landed. Entertaining fight, but not a lot landed.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Arron Asham
2 Pd 9:57
NYI @NYR Matthew Barnaby
Voted winner:  Arron Asham   (94.4%) - Voted rating: 6.3
The two are talking before the faceoff and they drop em once the puck is dropped. They are over near the Isles' bench and Matt is jawing at them while Asham is swinging. A few punches that don't connect, then Barnaby decides to try to throw a few. When he opens up, Asham does the same and starts to hit him pretty good. They exchange with Asham definitely doing better, but nothing devestating. They go down with Asham on top.