Steve Montador

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Dec 21, 1979
From: Vancouver, BC Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
NHL Fights: 10
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Steve Montador vs. Ethan Moreau
2 Pd 2:48
@CAL EDM Ethan Moreau
Montador gives a small crosscheck to the lower back of Moreau, then Moreau responds by throwing an elbow. By the time the camera went back, Moreau had his right cocked back while Montador was off-balance. He never threw and let Montador get his balance. Then Montador tied Moreau up and no punches were landed.
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Dan LaCouture vs. Steve Montador
2 Pd 17:42
CAL @PIT Dan LaCouture
Flames down 2-0, so Montador challenges Lacouture. Lacouture accepts and they grab on, both firing lefts. Lacouture looks to land the first punch, a pretty good looking left. Montador is throwing lefts as well, but isn't connecting. After spinning once, Montador looks like he lands a left on the forehead of Danny and Danny just throws him around and down they go.
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Kyle Wanvig vs. Steve Montador
1 Pd 9:7
CAL @MIN Kyle Wanvig
Wanvig hits Gauthier following a check into the boards. Montador comes off the bench and goes right after Wanvig. Wanvig landed a right, but then was on the defensive as Montador opened up on him leaving Wanvig bloody. Other Penalties: Wanvig received a roughing.
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Steve Montador vs. Reid Simpson
2 Pd 5:43
@CAL NSH Reid Simpson
Montador is a bit aggravated at a hard hit Simpson laid in the corner, so he wants to go, and they do. Simpson takes him to school too. Montador realizes early that he should have just gone to the bench and left things alone as he eats a few Simpson punches. Montador ends up bent over while Reid pummels his back and shoulders. Other Penalties: Simpson received a high sticking.
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Ian Laperriere vs. Steve Montador
2 Pd 14:24
CAL @LAK Ian Laperriere
They were pretty tied up at center ice. Montador threw some quick lefts at the beginning. None of them really landed. Then Laperriere started to throw rights, maybe one of them landing. Montador went down to his knees for a second and so did Lapparrieree. Then the linesmen came in. Other Penalties: Montador received a game misconduct.
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Steve Montador vs. Darren Langdon
2 Pd 1:3
@CAL VAN Darren Langdon
They clashed in front of the net and Langdon quickly started throwing them. Montador started off burying his head as he was caught a bit off guard. Langdon teed off on him pretty good. Montador comes back with a couple surprising lefts. He showed some good fight. There was a 10-second section of the fight where the exchanges were pretty even, but then Langdon cleaned him pretty good in the end just like at the beginning.
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Matt Bradley vs. Steve Montador
2 Pd 17:50
CAL @SJS Matt Bradley
They were spinning around both throwing hands, looked like Bradley was in conrtol of the fight a little more because Montador's jersey wasn't tied down (was tossed for that). Bradley got a couple uppercuts in on him while Montador was swinging wildly, but also landing. Bradley then had the take down. Other Penalties: Montador received a game misconduct.
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Steve Montador vs. Andrei Nazarov
1 Pd 17:30
@CAL ARI Andrei Nazarov
Camera comes in a little late, but when it gets there Nazarov has Monty bent over at the waist and is raining down rights to the back of the head/neck of Montador. Monty eventually goes down to a knee and the linesmen come in. He will have a very sore neck tomorrow.
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Jason Marshall vs. Steve Montador
2 Pd 16:4
CAL @MIN Jason Marshall
Drop em behind the net and jostle for position. Montador throws rights which are not connecting. Then they tie up a little bit and both come out throwing lefts to the side of each other's helmets. Looks like Montador was doing more damage with his lefts than Marshall. Marshall then goes for the takedown.
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Jeremy Stevenson vs. Steve Montador
3 Pd 19:38
CAL @MIN Jeremy Stevenson
They drop em right after the Marshall-Regehr fight and Montador gets the jump off the start landing at least three rights flush to Stevenson's face. Then Stevenson ties him up and lands at least half a dozen rights in quick succession eventually putting Montador down.