Brad Ference

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Apr 02, 1979
From: Calgary, AB Canada
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210 lbs.
NHL Fights: 9
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Brad Ference vs. Ric Jackman
1 Pd 19:28
@ARI TOR Ric Jackman
There's a scrum and falling bodies in front of the Leaf's net. Out of the mess comes these two. They wrestle, jostle then you hear the ref say "get back... I don't give a **** ,let 'em go" Havent heard those words in a while. Jackman appears to want little to do with it, and pins Ference against the boards. Ference pops off his helmet and starts with lots of rabbit punches. Jackman gets pissed and swings a couple of wild ones. More grappling, then Ference with a few more noogies.
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Jordin Tootoo vs. Brad Ference
3 Pd 7:12
ARI @NSH Jordin Tootoo
Midway through the third Tootoo and Ference tie up behind the puck. Each player gives a shove and the gloves come off. Ference immediately tries to tie up Tootoo's arms. Tootoo keeps the right free and lands a nice one to the chin. Ference tries a weak right that misses. Tootoo misses with a couple of rights. Ference misses with another right. Tootoo waits and picks his time and connects with another nice right to the chin. Ference tries to tie up Tootoo's right again but Jordin keeps it cocked and lands another one. Ference finally gets Tootoo tied up and Jordin drags him to his knees and the refs step in.
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Brad Ference vs. Jordin Tootoo
1 Pd 6:29
@ARI NSH Jordin Tootoo
Ference was trying to get Tootoo to drop the gloves their first shift. Jordin didn't seem interested. Finally on their second shift, Ference took a few shots at him in front of the net. The play goes up the ice and there is a whistle because of a penalty. Behind the play the two finally drop the gloves. The cameras take forever to get there, and finally it shows Tootoo throwing a few lefts (Ference had his helmet off). Both exchange a few weak lefts, and finally Ference gets Tootoo's helmet off. Both land a few more punches each, close against the boards. Then Ference gets his left free and starts swinging (no real damage done) and just when Tootoo winds up to get his left free, the linesmen step in to break them up. Other Penalties: Rem Murray received an obstruction.
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Steve Ott vs. Brad Ference
1 Pd 9:10
ARI @DAL Steve Ott
Nice squareoff at center ice. Both players remove helmets. Ference swings with the right, misses and slips and Ott barely missed a strong cross. Lots of grappling, but nothing landing. Ott gets the takedown.
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Brad Ference vs. Tyler Bouck
2 Pd 20:0
@ARI VAN Tyler Bouck
Starts off with the two grappling, both have helmets on, Ference with a visor. Ference throws a shot at Bouck, it glances off the side of Bouck's helmet. Bouck comes back with three rights, one hits Ference right across the jaw, the other two are blocked by Ference's arm. They jockey for position a bit, each trying to get an arm free. Ference sneaks a small punch in, no damage done. Bouck responds with a good left, but hits nothing but helmet. They grapple some more, spinning around, and Bouck lands another right to the side of Ferences' jaw/side of his neck, no damage done. They trade shots to the jaw, Ference seemed to get hurt for a second by that one, Bouck takes the opportunity to throw another punch, which deflects off Ference's helmet. Ference recovers himself and lands four good shots to Bouck's helmet, one of them may have hit Bouck in the side of the face/ear. Not a good angle. Ference goes to take Bouck's helmet off, and Bouck comes up with a roundhouse to the left of Ference's face. Ference bends over for a second, then pops back up. They grapple some more, and Ference takes off his helmet for some reason, but then the referees intervene. Other Penalties: Chris Gratton received a roughing.
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Keith Tkachuk vs. Brad Ference
1 Pd 20:0
ARI @STL Keith Tkachuk
At the end of the first, Ference was roughing up Tkachuk. Tkachuk gets Ference in-close at the start and throws a few short punches, no damage done. Then Ference gets his left free and throws several short lefts to the side of Tkachuk's face. Most of them landed, however there wasn't much force behind them. Then the linesmen step in to break them up. Other Penalties: Tkachuk received a roughing.
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Brad Ference vs. Dan Hinote
2 Pd 10:25
@ARI COL Dan Hinote
Voted winner:  Brad Ference   (40.9%) - Voted rating: 3.5
Fight starts in front of the the Yotes' bench. The fight was retaliation for a run Ference had taken at Konawalchuk. Hinote tries to start things off with two rights but they both come up short. They start to grapple and skate behind the Yotes' net. Ference tries a weak right that hits the back of Hinote's helmet. They then throw simultaneous rights both landing to the face. Hinote throws another quick right that comes up short. They grapple some and Hinote tries a right but hits Ference's helmet and somehow hurts himself with that throw. They start to grapple some more and Hinote falls to a knee in pain and the linesmen come in while Hinote is on his knees.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Brad Ference
1 Pd 11:25
ARI @COL Matthew Barnaby
They go in the corner behind Boucher. Matt takes off his helmet, then Ference does the same since he wears a shield. Typical Barnaby fight off the bat, nice and slow paced with Ference getting some decent shots in. They trade rights and lefts, nothing major until Matt lands a big left handed uppercut. Brad just held on from then on in. The linesmen then come in to break it up.
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Tyler Bouck vs. Brad Ference
3 Pd 12:10
ARI @VAN Tyler Bouck
Voted winner:  Tyler Bouck   (95.4%) - Voted rating: 7
Behind the play they drop the lids, shed the equipment and have a short little square off by the Yotes blueline. They come together and start tossing em. Bouck starts it off with some rights, Ference throws a few short shots of his own. Bouck switches to the left and starts landing some good punches. Two or three in a row. They grapple a little bit and Ference comes back with some short rights. Bouck now has a hand out of his jersey and is throwing. He lands multiple big shots, and the crowd cheers with every punch he throws. Ference tries to come back with one or two in return, but nothing really connects. Bouck is tired out and gets the takedown.