Brad Ference

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Apr 02, 1979
From: Calgary, AB Canada
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210 lbs.
NHL Fights: 10
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Darcy Tucker vs. Brad Ference
2 Pd 13:48
FLA @TOR Darcy Tucker
Earlier on, Tucker hits Bure, knocks some of his teeth out and gives Bure an early exit to the game. Some grappling the Tucker missed with two big right hooks. Ference then lands a good left on Tucker, and then cracks him with another sending him down. After Ference sent Tucker to the ice during the fight in the second, Ference mocked Tucker by pretending to collapse in the penalty box. Side note: later in the game Jason Wiemer butt-ended Tucker and knocked him out of the game. Wiemer was called on an elbowing major and game misconduct.
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Brad Ference vs. Kevin Dineen
3 Pd 20:0
@FLA CBJ Kevin Dineen
Dineen starts with a left which comes up short. Ference answers with a left that Dineen ducks. Dineen throws another wild left but Ference has him out of reach. Ference comes back with a left that catches Dineen on the right side of the helmet. Dineen another left that misses the mark and his momentum puts him in an awkward position. Ference throws another left that Dineen ducks and follows with another left that hammers Dineen in the right side of the head again upending his helmet this time. Ference fires two short lefts which appear to land and an uppercut which finds the mark. Dineen's in trouble now. Ference misses with another left and Dineen gets free to fire a right but again it comes up short. An overhand left by Ference catches Dineen's back and another lands solidly into the back of Dineen's head as he is bent over. A follow up left by Ference may have hit the back of the head again. Hard to tell from the angle. The next five lefts all land somewhere on Dineen's head but do little apparent damage. The refs are then in.
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Brad Ference vs. P.J. Stock
3 Pd 9:44
@FLA BOS P.J. Stock
Stock throws a check on someone and Ference takes objection, Stock is skating off and Ference with gloves off grabs Stock and pulls him in, they hug and Ference seems to relax as nothing was going to happen until Stock realizes he's in a fight and lands a couple of combos before the zebras come. Other Penalties: Ference received an instigator and misconduct.
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Owen Nolan vs. Brad Ference
2 Pd 20:0
FLA @SJS Owen Nolan
Ference sucked punched Nolan and a scrum ensues. Other Penalties: Marchment, Nolan and Ference all received roughings; Ference also got a misconduct and game misconduct.
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Brenden Morrow vs. Brad Ference
1 Pd 11:53
FLA @DAL Brenden Morrow
They start in the Panthers end of the ice...The gloves come off and they immediately start to hold. Ference gets off a quick, weak left that connects to Morrow's face and then follows it up with another short left that barely connects. Morrow returns the love with three consecutive rights, one to the face, then the body, but Ference blocked his third one with his left arm as he was leaning back. After Morrow's three rights they hold on again. Ference tries to get his right free but they can't, as he does this they turn a full 360 degrees. Morrow gets his left free and throws an overhead punch to Ference's face, but I'm not sure if it connected because of the camera angle. After the punch they both go to holding, but Morrow momentarily gets each hand free but misses with a left and right. Ference then gets in two short lefts to the face and then Morrow gets a left free and they both connect with weak lefts. Morrow finally gets his right free again and throws three rights to Ference's head. The first was a weak punch, the second one looked a bit stronger, and the third one missed because Ference ducked out of the way. Now it's Ference's turn as he throws a quick left that looks like it just missed Morrow. As the linesmen try to step in, Ference unloads 7 lefts in a row. Out of the 7, probably 3-4 land. Morrow now gets a right free and throws two to Ference's head. Morrow goes to one knee but gets right up only to get another weak left to his face from Ference.
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Brad Ference vs. Roman Hamrlik
1 Pd 12:12
@FLA NYI Roman Hamrlik
Scrum near the boards. Kvasha was just holding onto Worrell who was pushing him into the bench and throwing a glove-on slap or two. They don't show how it starts, but cameras blink and the Hammer-Tets fight looks sloppy but even. They flash back to Kvasha and Worrell, then pick it up the "real" fight soon after the start with both guys having good grips. Each throw a few rights, nothing lands. Ference switches to the left and lands, promptimg Roman to bail out of trying to land anything more, ducking the head and looking to tie up. Ference lands close to a dozen short left hooks, prompting Howie Rose (the Isles announcer) to start yelling that a teammate should jump in and save Roman. Linesman finally get there from escorting Worrell and Kvasha and the fights over. Other Penalties: Bill Lindsay recieved a boarding; Oleg Kvasha and Peter Worrell both received double roughings; Hamrlik and Ference both received misconducts.
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Brad Ference vs. Vincent Lecavalier
3 Pd 14:32
@FLA TBL Vincent Lecavalier
It starts near the Panther's blue line, after Ference cross-checked Vinny in the back. Vinny turns, drops 'em first, and went after Ference. Lecavalier tied him up pretty well, with Ference throwing 2 or 3 punches, 2 that may have connected with helmet. After some more struggling, Vinny gets off a couple, grazing Ference's helmet with one. Both struggle some more as neither fighter seemed too enthusiastic and they tire. Other Penalties: Lecavalier received an instigator and misconduct.
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Benoit Hogue vs. Brad Ference
1 Pd 14:4
FLA @BOS Benoit Hogue
Hogue lays a nice check on Ference. Ference takes exception slashes Houge. Houge turns around and they drop them. Houge lands a quick left, then throws two more which both land. Ference grabs a hold and then they hug for a bit. Ference pulls Houges jersey over his head, lands a punch with Hogue bent over and the linesmen step in. Other Penalties: Ference received a roughing.
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Magnus Arvedson vs. Brad Ference
3 Pd 20:0
FLA @OTT Magnus Arvedson
Ference and Arvedson slash each other first then Ference goes after a not so willing Arvedson, they lock up with Brad trying to get Arv's shield off while punching it occasionally. Arv is really just holding on looking around for a ref but none are comming because they are trying to keep Worrell and Leschyshyn apart. They don't have much left at this point. Refs finally break it up. Other Penalties: Ference and Arvedson received slashings; Peter Worrell received a crosschecking and misconduct; Curtis Leschyshyn a misconduct.
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Brad Ference vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 6:22
@FLA NYR Matthew Barnaby
They wrestle for a little, then Ference lands a harmless right jab. They wrestle a little more, then Barnaby lands a harmless left jab. Barnaby is then able to get his right out of the jersey and starts to take control. He lands 2 or 3 decent rights and misses with 1 big left. Ference then decides to start fighting back with some solid lefts. Barnaby then responds by landing a good uppercut. Ference then lands 3 straight lefts that do no damage. Barnaby then lands a shot, the Ference responds with 2 more. The linesman are now in. Other Penalties: Ference received an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct.