Adam Mair

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: C
Birthday: Feb 15, 1979
From: Hamilton, ON Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 193 lbs.
NHL Fights: 13
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Adam Mair vs. Dave Scatchard
1 Pd 19:54
@BUF NYI Dave Scatchard
Voted winner:  Dave Scatchard   (98%) - Voted rating: 7.4
Mair lays a big hit on Jason Blake. Scatchard comes in immediately and drops the gloves. Mair seems to drop his quickly too (hard to tell, camera a split second too late). Scatchard lays some nice punches on him, one square on the nose. Mair's trying to balance himself off and fire some shots back when Scatchard lands a couple more, one sending him down, TKO. Other Penalties: Scatchard received an instigator and misconduct.
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Craig Rivet vs. Adam Mair
3 Pd 12:54
BUF @MON Craig Rivet
Mair and Rivet separate from the pile during a scrum. Mair tries to get his right free and Rivet drops his right glove, throwing about five or six punches, mostly hitting the side of the head. Looked good, but not damaging. The linesmen jump in before Mair can straighten up, and Mair tried to throw a right as they came in. Mair isn't too happy.
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Adam Mair vs. Matthew Spiller
1 Pd 15:28
@BUF ARI Matthew Spiller
Voted winner:  Adam Mair   (35%) - Voted rating: 4.2
They come out of the Pheonix zone slashing away at each other. Spiller got the jump and landed a nice right that stung Mair. After that this fight was even with as both guys were were throwing but had no balance. Other Penalties: Each player reiceved a slashing.
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Adam Mair vs. Trent Whitfield
3 Pd 17:37
@BUF WAS Trent Whitfield
After a long chat, Mair and Whitfield drop the gloves and squareoff. They swing wildly with little connecting. Mair landed a left that opened a cut on Whitfield, although Mair was also bleeding.
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Craig Adams vs. Adam Mair
1 Pd 5:2
BUF @CAR Craig Adams
Voted winner:  Adam Mair   (54.5%) - Voted rating: 7.1
Shortly after the Boulton-Boulerice fight, these guys go by the bench. Mair was hammering away with left uppercuts on a ducking Adams to start. Landed one or two, the rest hit helmet. Adams comes back and lands a nice punch. Mair starts firing shots at a ducking Adams again. Adams throws a big left that looks like it hit shoulder and Mair goes down. Adams throws a right once they're down.
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Adam Mair vs. Andy Sutton
3 Pd 9:44
@BUF ATL Andy Sutton
Radio: They start out throwing with the lefts, both landing some, sounds like Sutton gets the edge in it.
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David Hale vs. Adam Mair
3 Pd 4:22
BUF @NJD David Hale
Voted winner:  David Hale   (26.1%) - Voted rating: 5.8
Mair bumps Brodeur and Hale comes over. Mair drops the gloves and catches Hale by surprise a bit, getting a few lefts in. Hale drops the gloves and starts throwing back. Mair goes with lefts, Hale throws rights. Lots of wild punches thrown, not much landing effectively. They fall down with Hale on top.
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Adam Mair vs. Dallas Drake
1 Pd 12:15
@BUF STL Dallas Drake
Voted winner:  Adam Mair   (95.5%) - Voted rating: 6.9
Drake takes out Zhitnik with a blind sided hit. Alexei went to the locker room and hasn't returned. Drake also scored the only goal of the game at this point. They go right off a faceoff with Mair landing two or three good lefts. Drake is off-balance a bit, steadies himself and throws one good right. Mair comes back with three to four big lefts before the linesmen come in.
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Adam Mair vs. Jamal Mayers
3 Pd 16:5
@BUF STL Jamal Mayers
Voted winner:  Jamal Mayers   (58.8%) - Voted rating: 4.9
After the faceoff following the Low-Boulton fight, these two get into a close argument and the mitts come flying and Mayers gives Mair four to five punches before knocking Mair to the ice.
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Adam Mair vs. Hal Gill
2 Pd 6:50
@BUF BOS Hal Gill
Voted winner:  Hal Gill   (68.5%) - Voted rating: 5.2
Mair and Gill collide, Gills get the stick up. Mair gives him a gloved shot, challenges him, and Gill obliges. Mair throws a left as they spin, and Gill has his right free, but awkwardly doesn't throw. Mair ducks a right and tags him with a big left, the one that probably opened up the cut on Gill's cheek. A few more lefts, and Gill finally decides to do something and use his reach, throwing a flurry of rights. Mair gets a good laugh out of that, and they go down with Gill on top. Other Penalties: Gill received a high sticking.
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Ivan Majesky vs. Adam Mair
2 Pd 12:28
BUF @ATL Ivan Majesky
Voted winner:  Adam Mair   (45.5%) - Voted rating: 3.7
Big scrum, as Brown throws Kovalchuk down in front of the net at the end of the play. Bartovic punches Kovalchuk right in the face. Kovalchuk goes nuts and jumps onto his back, hammering him with gloved punches. Somewhere in there, Mair and Majesky pair off. Neither party seems too interested. Mair throws a left, Majesky a right or two. Mair gets thrown down, but they're allowed to get up and continue. Mostly more grappling, a right thrown by Majesky, then Mair lands a big left, and that's pretty much it. Other Penalties: Randy Robitaille received a goaltender interference; Milan Bartovic a cross checking; Ilya Kovalchuk a roughing and high sticking.
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Adam Mair vs. Matt Bradley
1 Pd 17:58
@BUF PIT Matt Bradley
Voted winner:  Adam Mair   (75.6%) - Voted rating: 6.8
These guys drop the gloves in the neutral zone and start to swing away. Mair with lefts, Bradley with rights. Mair lands a few lefts, including a really solid shot and Bradley lands a few big rights. They fall and get back up, and it looks like Mair starts to take over at the end and lands a big left that pops Bradley's helmet off and bends him over. Bradley straightens up and throws a wild right, but Mair ducks it. This sends Bradley off-balance and he goes down.
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Garth Murray vs. Adam Mair
1 Pd 13:30
BUF @NYR Garth Murray
Voted winner:  Garth Murray   (20%) - Voted rating: 3.3
They drop the gloves near the Buffalo net and grapple. Murray throws two lefts, missing one, and landing another. Mair throws a huge left back that doesn't connect. Murray falls as Mair attempts another punch and it's over. Mair was bleeding, perhaps his stitches were opened by a grazing shot or helmet.