Darren Langdon

1996-1997 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Jan 08, 1971
From: Deer Lake, NL Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205 lbs.
NHL Fights: 23
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Rob DiMaio vs. Darren Langdon
1 Pd 16:36
NYR @BOS Rob DiMaio
Other Penalties: Langdon received a cross checking; Jeff Odgers a roughing.
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Darren Langdon vs. Derian Hatcher
1 Pd 13:46
@NYR DAL Derian Hatcher
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Donald Brashear vs. Darren Langdon
3 Pd 10:24
NYR @MON Donald Brashear
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Darren Langdon vs. Alek Stojanov
2 Pd 2:24
@NYR PIT Alek Stojanov
Voted winner:  Alek Stojanov   (31.5%) - Voted rating: 7.9
When the camera gets there Stojanov hits Langdon in the helmet with a right. Langdon then gets a pretty good grip on Stojanov's right. Stojanov spends the next few seconds trying to get his right free. As he's doing that, Langdon releases Stojanov's right arm and throws a left that might have landed. Stojanov answers with five lefts in-close. All the lefts seem to hit Langdon's shoulder or helmet. Stojanov then tries a right that Langdon fends off. They wrestle for a while, each exchanging some punches in-close, but no damage done. They finally get some separation. Stojanov tries a right uppercut that comes up short. Stojanov then tries a straight right that connects well to the side of Langdon's head. Stojanov then tries three more rights, all of which come up short or hit Langdon's shoulder. Stojanov tries three more rights, two land to the side of Langdon's head and one comes up short. They then exchange three rights a piece. Langdon looks to get the better of the short exchange. Stojanov then gets his right tied up and Langdon tries three rights. The first right looks to land, but the next two hit Stojanov's helmet. Stojanov tries to answer with a left, but it comes up short. Langdon switches to the left and tries two punches, but Stojanov ducks them both. Stojanov answers with a right that comes up short and then a body punch. They start exchanging rights. Stojanov throws eight to Langdon's six, but few, if any, of the punches land. Each of the players are still throwing when the linesmen for some reason come in and break the fight up. Excellent long bout.
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Lyle Odelein vs. Darren Langdon
3 Pd 14:31
NYR @NJD Lyle Odelein
Other Penalties: Each player received a slashing.
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Jamie Allison vs. Darren Langdon
2 Pd 15:10
NYR @CAL Jamie Allison
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Gino Odjick vs. Darren Langdon
2 Pd 4:42
NYR @VAN Gino Odjick
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Jim McKenzie vs. Darren Langdon
1 Pd 10:10
NYR @ARI Jim McKenzie
Voted winner:  Jim McKenzie   (46.4%) - Voted rating: 6.3
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Darren Langdon vs. Tie Domi
1 Pd 8:0
@NYR TOR Tie Domi
Voted winner:  Tie Domi   (97.9%) - Voted rating: 6.2
They drop em off the faceoff and Domi has the lefts going, throwing four in a row. One uppercut lands, then he throws about ten more punches, with four landing as Langdon just hangs on. Langdon finally answers with a right that grazes Domi. They grapple, and then Domi gets the jersey over Langdon's head and throws two lefts, one looking to land. After the last punch, Langdon gets the jersey back up over his head, and they wrestle each other to the ice.
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Darren Langdon vs. Paul Kruse
3 Pd 4:52
@NYR NYI Paul Kruse
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Dave Roche vs. Darren Langdon
1 Pd 6:19
NYR @PIT Dave Roche
Other Penalties: Sergei Nemchinov received a high sticking.
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Darren Langdon vs. Bob Probert
2 Pd 17:50
@NYR CHI Bob Probert
  (0%) - Voted rating: 7.9
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Dan Kordic vs. Darren Langdon
2 Pd 8:12
NYR @PHI Dan Kordic
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Darren Langdon vs. Stu Grimson
1 Pd 18:14
@NYR HFD Stu Grimson
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Tony Twist vs. Darren Langdon
1 Pd 10:17
NYR @STL Tony Twist
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Darren Langdon vs. Randy McKay
1 Pd 8:15
@NYR NJD Randy McKay
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Stu Grimson vs. Darren Langdon
3 Pd 9:25
NYR @HFD Stu Grimson
Voted winner:  Stu Grimson   (100%) - Voted rating: 6.2
They come together out of a scrum and Grimson opens up with a left that catches Langdon on the jaw. Grimson waits a second or two before he attempts another left, but it comes up short. Langdon then tries to answer with a couple of lefts that don't reach their mark. Langdon switches hands and throws a weak punch. Grimson then takes Langdon's jersey with his right hand, pulls it over Langdon's head and closes his hand tight around the head opening. Grimson then tries a left, it is hard to tell how hard it connects, but the punch makes Langdon lose his balance and he goes down to the ice.
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Doug Zmolek vs. Darren Langdon
1 Pd 3:21
NYR @LAK Doug Zmolek
Other Penalties: Zmolek received a roughing.
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Matt Johnson vs. Darren Langdon
2 Pd 19:28
NYR @LAK Matt Johnson
Other Penalties: Langdon received an instigator and misconduc; Johnson a roughing.
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Darren Langdon vs. Chris Simon
2 Pd 8:41
@NYR WAS Chris Simon
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Darren Langdon vs. Scott Thornton
1 Pd 4:28
@NYR MON Scott Thornton
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Reid Simpson vs. Darren Langdon
1 Pd 9:26
NYR @NJD Reid Simpson
Voted winner:  Darren Langdon   (31.3%) - Voted rating: 7.6
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Michal Grosek vs. Darren Langdon
1 Pd 8:16
NYR @BUF Michal Grosek