Mike Knuble

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Jul 04, 1972
From: Toronto, ON Canada
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 222 lbs.
NHL Fights: 2
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Matthew Barnaby vs. Mike Knuble
2 Pd 14:11
BOS @NYR Matthew Barnaby
Little scrum starts when Sean O'Donnell has his stick up around the head of Sandy McCarthy, McCarthy swings his stick back at him and punches him a couple of times as they go up against the boards. Looks as if it is gonna turn ugly as everyone on the ice is paired up, the linesman start to break them up as Barnaby and Knuble go at it, mainly wrestling, Barnaby gets his jersey over his head and attempts a punch which doesn't land, after some more wrestling they each throw a half punch and Barnaby gets a take down. Other Penalties: McCarthy received a double roughing; O'Donnell a roughing.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Mike Knuble vs. Brad Norton
3 Pd 18:50
@BOS FLA Brad Norton
Norton appears to land a couple of rights at the beginning, but Knuble goes for the quick take down. Knuble lands one on the ice and just tries to hold Norton on the ice, Norton finally works his way upright, but Knuble just holds him off again. Norton finally breaks free to throw a couple. Other Penalties: Both players received game misconducts.