Andre Roy

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Feb 08, 1975
From: Port Chester, NY United States
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 213 lbs.
NHL Fights: 8
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Andre Roy vs. Jesse Boulerice
2 Pd 15:39
@TBL CAR Jesse Boulerice
After the puck is dropped, they drop the gloves. They are immediately in close, wrestling, grappling. Roy appears to land one to the back of Boulerice, and then one around the back of the neck. They go to the ice while grappling. Short fight.
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Andre Roy vs. Reed Low
1 Pd 3:4
@TBL STL Reed Low
Voted winner:  Reed Low   (82.6%) - Voted rating: 5.4
With the Blues not showing much fire early, Low looks to light a fire under the Blues. It starts in front of the Lightning bench. It starts as a hugfest. They end up shuffling all the way over to the Blues bench. Then Roy throws a couple of lefts that miss. Finally Low gets his right free and unleashes five rights on Roy, doing moderate damage. Roy tries a couple of more lefts that do nothing. Low then pushes Roy up against the bench and it's over.
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Francis Lessard vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 5:49
TBL @ATL Francis Lessard
Voted winner:  Francis Lessard   (52.4%) - Voted rating: 5
Off the faceoff, Roy and Lessard drop the gloves. A flurry of lefts from Lessard at the beginning, looks like most are hitting helmet. Roy is throwing a couple of rights that appear to be missing, but possibly one landing. They then get in tight and try a couple of small punches and end up hanging over the Tampa Bay bench. Looked like Lessard had a little blood on the side of his head, near the helmet. Didn't look like anything major connected really.
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Andre Roy vs. Craig Rivet
2 Pd 16:15
@TBL MON Craig Rivet
Langdon was the one who wanted to go with Roy, but Rivet beat him to it. These two drop them in the corner and hold on to each other. Rivet seemed to do the majority of the holding and no punches really landed. As Roy was being escorted to the penalty box, the Langdon and Roy had words and Roy proceeded to throw an elbow pad at Langdon. Langdon comes at him and throws two punches. His first punch landed, and Roy fell/tripped while Langdon was throwing another, and it came short. Roy landed one as well. Other Penalties: Roy received a holding, unsportsmanlike conduct and misconduct; Darren Langdon a roughing and misconduct.
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Donald Brashear vs. Andre Roy
1 Pd 0:2
TBL @PHI Donald Brashear
Roy drops the gloves first, and throws some wild, not really connecting rights that turn Brashear around. Brashear rights himself and Roy slips to the ice. They get back up and squareoff fairly. Roy tries to throw again, but Brashear grabs his right and mutes it. Brashear pulls the jersey over Roy's head while throwing lefts and and looks to connect on at least two, with Roy going down.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 9:43
TBL @CHI Ryan VandenBussche
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Johnathan Aitken vs. Andre Roy
3 Pd 2:17
TBL @CHI Johnathan Aitken
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 2:24
TBL @FLA Darcy Hordichuk
Voted winner:  Andre Roy   (42.9%) - Voted rating: 6.4
These two line up next to each other and off the faceoff they drop the mitts. Roy starts off with a few rights, then Hordichuck answers back and Roy loses his balance. Roy gets up and throws a couple more rights, but Hordichuck quickly responds with some of his own. Roy falls again, and the linesmen come in to try and break it up, but Hordichuck throws a shot while Roy was down and Roy starts firing away while on his back. Both guys mimic each other by dusting off their hands on the way to the penalty box.