Mark Smith

2003-2004 Postseason Fight Card
Position: C
Birthday: Oct 24, 1977
From: Eyebrow, SK Canada
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 205 lbs.
NHL Fights: 1
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Mark Smith vs. Matthew Barnaby
3 Pd 18:25
@SJS COL Matthew Barnaby
Voted winner:  Matthew Barnaby   (60.5%) - Voted rating: 6
Smith was being held by Boughner while Stuart tried to rip people off, and Barnaby threw a cheap shot. He then throws a few more to a turned around Smith. Smith rights himself, and answers back with a few shots. They break away, and start talking. Barnaby takes a good jab from Smith and then Barnaby and Smith are both chucking rights. Each one throws four or five rights in a short fury of action, but none of the punches land solidly. After the flurry each player tries one more right and neither one seems to land well. Barnaby gets Smith's jersey over his head and the ref comes in to break them up. After the ref is between them, Smith gives Barnaby a shove to the face and its over. Other Penalties: Barnaby received an instigator and misconduct; Curtis Brown and Ossi Vaananen each received a misconduct.