Jamie Allison

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: May 13, 1975
From: Lindsay, ON Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
NHL Fights: 6
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Jamie Allison vs. Darren McCarty
3 Pd 19:28
@NSH DET Darren McCarty
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (59.4%) - Voted rating: 7.9
The game spirals further out of control as these two drop the gloves and square off. McCarty opens with a jab right. They come together and briefly go toe-to-toe, McCarty with lefts, Allison with rights. After a brief tie-up, they resume toe-to-toe action. McCarty starts with the right and switches to the left while Allison throws all lefts. They then tie up to end this highly entertaining bout.
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Jamie Allison vs. Steve Ott
2 Pd 14:45
@NSH DAL Steve Ott
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Rob DiMaio vs. Jamie Allison
1 Pd 1:35
NSH @DAL Rob DiMaio
When the camera got there Dimaio was using the left and Allison was going with right. They each throw about five punches, nothing doing any damage. Allison falls forward and Dimiao falls on top of him.
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Jamie Allison vs. Travis Moen
1 Pd 6:59
@NSH CHI Travis Moen
Good toe-to-toe scrap at first, both landing a couple of glancing blows. Moen doesn't have great balance, as he slips a couple of times. Allison lands two sweet left hands and Moen slips again. Allison throws two more shots as Moen covers up on the ice.
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Jamie Allison vs. Brad Isbister
1 Pd 9:56
@NSH EDM Brad Isbister
Both are tied up against the boards. Allison lands lefts to the back of Isbister's head, then starts throwing some rights. Both tie up again. Isbister tries to throw, but can't get free. Allison throws a couple of more lefts. Isbister almost hits with a right and then they tie up again.
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Tom Kostopoulos vs. Jamie Allison
2 Pd 10:43
NSH @PIT Tom Kostopoulos
Voted winner:  Jamie Allison   (100%) - Voted rating: 4.2
They talk by the benches and decide to drop em'. They square off, come together, but neither grabs the other's jersey, keep squaring off and finally come together. Kostopoulos punches Allison with a right that lands, but Allison immediately counters with a right that stuns Kostopoulos. Allison follows up with a few more rights, one landing, and knocking Kostopoulos down.