Jamie Allison

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: May 13, 1975
From: Lindsay, ON Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
NHL Fights: 11
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Turner Stevenson vs. Jamie Allison
2 Pd 4:6
CBJ @NJD Turner Stevenson
They drop the gloves and Allison gets going first, landing one. Stevenson comes back and lands a couple of his own, one of which knocks Allison's helmet off. They grapple a bit and Stevenson lands/grazes a couple noogies before it ends.
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Jamie Allison vs. Branko Radivojevic
1 Pd 7:48
@CBJ ARI Branko Radivojevic
This one starts behind an altercation between Dineen, Grand-Pierre and Focht. Don't know what Radi was thinking, because this fight is all Allison. He throws about 12 unanswered lefts while Radivojevic hangs on for dear life. Finally Allison wears out, they wrestle for a while, Radi waits for the linesmen to get done separating Grand-Pierre and Focht so they can come over and get him out of trouble. Other Penalties: Dan Focht received a double roughing; JLGP a roughing.
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Reed Low vs. Jamie Allison
1 Pd 15:20
CBJ @STL Reed Low
They dropped em near center ice. A pretty open battle here, Allison was throwing with the left and Low with the right. Allison was landing a few glancing blows to Reed's chest/neck area when Low started firing the hammer. Reed landed about 10 to Allison's face/top of the head area before Allison put his head down. After this, Reed started pounding the back of Jamie's head before the linesmen had seen enough and stepped in. Other Penalties: Allison received an interference.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Jamie Allison
2 Pd 10:52
CBJ @NSH Nathan Perrott
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Jamie Allison vs. Jesse Boulerice
3 Pd 2:32
@CBJ CAR Jesse Boulerice
Decent fight that lasted a while. Both guys were bringing it. It looked like Allison landed a few more and one caught Boulerice pretty good.
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Jamie Allison vs. Chris Simon
1 Pd 2:42
@CBJ CHI Chris Simon
Allison starts off with a few, but doesn't connect. Simon returns, but misses as well. This goes on for a few rounds with each missing or landed minor punches until Simon get a few lefts in knocking Allison off balance and to the ice.
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Lance Ward vs. Jamie Allison
2 Pd 7:49
CBJ @ANA Lance Ward
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Jonathan Cheechoo vs. Jamie Allison
2 Pd 17:45
CBJ @SJS Jonathan Cheechoo
Other Penalties: Allison received an instigator and misconduct.
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Jamie Allison vs. Matt Johnson
3 Pd 11:38
@CBJ MIN Matt Johnson
Not much of a fight. Johnson wanted to get throwing, but they were so off-balance that all they could really do was fall.
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Jamie Allison vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 2:57
@CBJ TOR Wade Belak
Quick fight. Belak landed one good uppercut, a couple of lefts with the same hand that was holding the jersey. Allison was locked out and couldn't really reach with anything.
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Shean Donovan vs. Jamie Allison
1 Pd 13:20
CBJ @CAL Shean Donovan
As Marc Denis covers the puck, Allison takes Donovan hard to the boards. Donovan takes exception and they drop the gloves while tied up. Too bad the linesmen are all over 'em and each participant has to throw his punches while being held by one. Donovan landed a nice left to the jaw prompting Allison to throw a couple of rights that may or may not have landed.