Jamie Allison

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: May 13, 1975
From: Lindsay, ON Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
NHL Fights: 6
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Jamie Allison vs. Matt Johnson
1 Pd 15:22
@CAL MIN Matt Johnson
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Jamie Allison vs. Ian Laperriere
2 Pd 10:36
@CAL LAK Ian Laperriere
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Reed Low vs. Jamie Allison
3 Pd 16:29
CAL @STL Reed Low
Allison leads with a left that grazes. Then they grapple with Low getting Allison's helmet off. Low gets the left free with Allison thinking he got a good hold on the shoulder, but has Low's collar instead. Allison gets the right somewhat free with Low having a slight hold on the shoulder of the Jersey. They trade 5 or 6 with Low getting the better of 'em. He got Allison pretty decently a couple of times. Allison looses his balance and goes and stays down. Linesman come in and Low throws a few more for good measure (probably since he hasn't played in so long).
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Jamie Allison vs. Kevin Sawyer
1 Pd 8:24
@CAL ANA Kevin Sawyer
Not too much of a fight here, as these two wrestled for position, Allison loses his balance and goes down.
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Jamie Allison vs. Reid Simpson
3 Pd 9:48
@CBJ NSH Reid Simpson
As the camera moves into this scrap its pretty much all Simpson. He lands some to the back of Allison's head as well as a few to the face. Allison did get a couple of shots in, but appeared overmatched in this one. Other Penalties: Allison received an instigator and game misconduct.
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Wade Belak vs. Jamie Allison
2 Pd 15:8
CBJ @TOR Wade Belak
Camera shows Allison and Belak in the corner and then moves away from them. When it comes back, Belak is throwing a quick right. After about four quick rights, Allison goes down. Other Penalties: Tyler Wright received a roughing.