Darren McCarty

2006-2007 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Apr 01, 1972
From: Burnaby, BC Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs.
NHL Fights: 8
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Jeff Hoggan vs. Darren McCarty
2 Pd 7:32
CAL @BOS Jeff Hoggan
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (17.9%) - Voted rating: 1.5
Hoggan skates along the boards, hitting everyone in his path when he is challenged by McCarty. They square off at center ice with McCarty dropping his gloves and Hoggan waiting until the very last second to drop his before they grab ahold of each other. Hoggan puts his head into McCarty's chest and the two wrestle around until McCarty slams Hoggan down to the ice. The linesmen are right there to break things up.
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Darren McCarty vs. Josh Gratton
1 Pd 2:36
@CAL ARI Josh Gratton
Voted winner:  Josh Gratton   (12.5%) - Voted rating: 1.9
Dion Phaneuf crushes Owen Nolan with an open-ice hit and has multiple Coyotes coming after him while he plays the puck up ice. Joel Perrault skates over and hits Phaneuf to slow him down, allowing Gratton to grab ahold of him. McCarty is directly behind Gratton and tears him off of Phaneuf. Gratton turns around and received a gloved right and a facewash from Phaneuf while McCarty gets back up to his feet. Gratton and McCarty tangle up with Gratton throwing an uppercut and a right. The two get bent over the benches and stay there until the linesmen come over and separate them. Other Penalties: Each player received a roughing.
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Darren McCarty vs. Georges Laraque
1 Pd 16:47
@CAL ARI Georges Laraque
Voted winner:  Georges Laraque   (98.3%) - Voted rating: 6.1
Laraque gives McCarty a shot while he is skating by, causing McCarty to turn around. The two drop the gloves and quickly tie up. Laraque grabs ahold of the back of McCarty's jersey and throws two lefts. They exchange simultaneous lefts and Laraque continues to throw, sending McCarty down to his knees. Laraque lands another left and a long one to the back of McCarty's head while he flips him to the ice. The linesmen intervene shortly after.
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Jamal Mayers vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 15:52
CAL @STL Jamal Mayers
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (87.5%) - Voted rating: 2.9
Away from the play, the two drop the gloves and square off at center ice. After a lengthy staredown where McCarty gets frustrated and motions Mayers to get going already, the two finally grab ahold of each other as Mayers gets McCarty in a headlock. McCarty gets out of it and throws a quick left just before they grapple. McCarty gets free again and throws two lefts before Mayers falls to the ice. McCarty gets in two more while Mayers is down on the ice, forcing the linesmen to move in rather quickly.
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Darren McCarty vs. Bryce Salvador
1 Pd 2:37
@CAL STL Bryce Salvador
Voted winner:  Bryce Salvador   (37.5%) - Voted rating: 3.3
McCarty nails Jamie Rivers along the boards while he plays the puck up ice causing Salvador to skate over and challenge McCarty. They drop the gloves and quickly tie up with Salvador throwing three rights to the back of McCarty's head shortly after. They then wrestle around for a while until both get loose and throw punches: McCarty with an inside right, Salvador with an overhand left. They fall to the ice and the linesmen come in to break things up.
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George Parros vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 7:7
CAL @ANA George Parros
Voted winner:  George Parros   (85.2%) - Voted rating: 3.4
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Darren McCarty vs. Ian Laperriere
2 Pd 6:29
@CAL COL Ian Laperriere
Voted winner:  Ian Laperriere   (45.3%) - Voted rating: 3.4
McCarty is bumped off the puck in the corner and after the play moves away he spots Laperriere and the two drop the gloves. They tie up quickly and get into an awkward position. McCarty fans on a couple of short rights, and then switches hands, but never throws a left as they just can't straighten out. They eventually wrestle down to their knees, but get up before the linesmen can break it up. As they rise Lappy starts throwing rights, getting off a handful of them before they go down to their knees again and the linesmen come in.
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Josh Gratton vs. Darren McCarty
2 Pd 2:54
CAL @ARI Josh Gratton
Voted winner:  Josh Gratton   (29.8%) - Voted rating: 7.8
Right off of a faceoff they drop the gloves and square off. McCarty's ready to go lefty, Gratton righty. They size each other up for a while. When they grab on they get in close and each one throws with the hand they were ready for. A quick toe-to-toe and then Gratton gets in a few uppercuts while McCarty tries to get into a better position. McCarty sneaks in a couple of rights as they start to grapple. McCarty quickly goes back to the left and gets in a few more before some wrestling and re-positioning. Gratton's able to get his right arm out from under his jersey. McCarty, trying to bury his head into Gratton's chest, takes off his own helmet and tosses it. Gratton tosses a couple of overhand rights to the back of McCarty's head as they skate into the boards. Gratton gets off a couple of more rights, looking like they have less on them than before and McCarty throws a tired left of his own in-between. McCarty then presses Gratton up against the boards and just as the linesmen as getting there McCarty taps Gratton on the head as if to say "good scrap" and they each skate away.