Darren McCarty

2005-2006 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Apr 01, 1972
From: Burnaby, BC Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs.
NHL Fights: 7
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Darren McCarty vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 15:48
@CAL CBJ Jody Shelley
Voted winner:  Jody Shelley   (50%) - Voted rating: 6
After they were talking a shift earlier, they drop the gloves at center. McCarty uses both arms to grab Shelley first, but Shelley pops him a good one. McCarty gets himself sorted out and they both start throwing rights, toe-to-toe for a bit. McCarty is throwing more than Shelley, but isn't really landing. Shelley then gets McCarty turned around, throws one to the back of the head and gets the takedown.
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Darren McCarty vs. Wade Brookbank
1 Pd 10:28
@CAL VAN Wade Brookbank
Voted winner:  Wade Brookbank   (41.9%) - Voted rating: 4
They start shoving and drop the gloves right after a goal. The camera is late coming in and shows both fighters up against the boards. They tie up and Brookbank throws a left as McCarty responds with a left of his own. McCarty then throws two uppercuts as Brookbank lands a weak right. Brookbank throws two weak rights as he struggles to get his elbow pad off. Brookbank pins McCarty up against the boards as McCarty throws two rights. They each struggle to get loose, allowing the linesman to come in and end the fight.
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Sean O'Donnell vs. Darren McCarty
2 Pd 7:0
CAL @ARI Sean O'Donnell
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (54%) - Voted rating: 5.7
McCarty nails Oleg Saprykin along the boards causing O'Donnell to come in after him. The gloves fly off and McCarty quickly starts throwing short lefts. O'Donnell comes back with some rights and the two start going toe-to-toe. McCarty switches hands and starts throwing rights as O'Donnell continues throwing right hands. McCarty then ends the fight by wrestling O'Donnell to the ice. Other Penalties: O'Donnell received an instigator and misconduct.
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Darren McCarty vs. Sheldon Souray
1 Pd 12:15
@CAL MON Sheldon Souray
Voted winner:  Sheldon Souray   (83.8%) - Voted rating: 7.9
McCarty hits Souray hard along the boards as Souray shoves McCarty in retaliation. They start talking as Craig Rivet skates over and gives McCarty a cross-check before skating away. Souray and McCarty then drop the gloves and square off. Souray grabs on and throws a right before McCarty returns fire with four lefts of his own with Souray landing a left during the exchange. McCarty switches hands and throws a right before Souray throws two rights. They go back and forth with punches: both trading lefts including Souray landing one that stuns McCarty for a short moment. McCarty misses with a right as Souray puts his head down. They wrestle around trying to get loose as blood streams down McCarty's face. They continue to grapple as Souray rips McCarty's helmet off before they each miss with a left. Souray throws two lefts with one landing before they wrestle up against the glass. McCarty lands three quick lefts as Souray misses with an overhand left before the linesmen come in and end the scrap. They talk for a little bit before going their seperate ways as both guys skate back to the dressing room: McCarty for repairs on a cut that has blood streaming down his face; Souray to clean his blood-stained helmet. Souray was wearing a brace on his wrist and was tossed out of the game for it. Other Penalties: Souray received an attempt to injure penalty.
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Darren McCarty vs. Matt Walker
3 Pd 5:25
@CAL STL Matt Walker
Voted winner:  Matt Walker   (84.7%) - Voted rating: 5.3
Behind the play, McCarty gives Walker a shot from behind before the two drop the gloves and square off. McCarty grabs ahold of Walker and two throws two lefts that actually block the right hands of Walker. The two go toe-to-toe with short punches for a moment: McCarty with lefts; Walker with rights before McCarty loses his balance and goes down to a knee. Walker lands two rights to the back of McCarty's helmet as he returns to his feet. Walker then throws five rights and McCarty answers with two lefts and then the two start to grapple. Walker gets free and throws a flurry of five rights as McCarty tries to duck away from the punches. The two tie up and wrestle around to get loose. Walker then lands a short right to the side of McCarty's head. They wrestle around some more as Walker misses with a right over the top before pushing McCarty down to the ice.
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Darren McCarty vs. Brad May
2 Pd 8:35
@CAL COL Brad May
Voted winner:  Brad May   (92%) - Voted rating: 6
May takes a run at McCarty along the boards while McCarty tries to play the puck up ice. May bumps McCarty again and the two shove each other, drop the gloves and have a short square off. May grabs ahold of McCarty and throws a left that McCarty is able to duck under. May lands a short right before switching hands as he and McCarty exchange lefts. May then lands four lefts to the back and side of McCarty's head as McCarty throws a right in response. McCarty loses his balance and pushes himself back up with his hand as May lands two lefts to the back of McCarty's head while he is bent over. McCarty stands up straight and misses with a left just before May misses with a right hook over the top. The two then wrestle around in tight until the linesmen come in.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Darren McCarty
2 Pd 3:51
CAL @NSH Darcy Hordichuk
Voted winner:  Darcy Hordichuk   (82.3%) - Voted rating: 4.9
Other Penalties: Hordichuk received an interference.