Darren McCarty

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Apr 01, 1972
From: Burnaby, BC Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs.
NHL Fights: 6
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Kelly Buchberger vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 18:20
DET @PIT Kelly Buchberger
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (86.8%) - Voted rating: 5.2
McCarty elbows a Penguin, and Buchberger immediately comes in and challenges McCarty. McCarty starts out with three rights. They wrestle for a little bit then Buchberger lands two solid lefts. Both guys begin to throw wildly with not much landing. McCarty then lands a couple of more rights on the hunched over Buchberger. They wrestle a little more and the linesmen break it up. Other Penalties: McCarty received an elbowing.
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Jeremy Stevenson vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 0:23
DET @NSH Jeremy Stevenson
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (90%) - Voted rating: 6.3
Starts off the faceoff, when the camera gets their they are grappling for position. They both exchange three or four lefts with nothing landing. McCarty switches to the right and lands a right uppercut dropping Stevenson to his knee, but he is right back up. They exchange a few more punches, then Stevenson throws a right that McCarty ducks and Stevenson's momentum takes him to the ice with McCarty on top.
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Jamie Allison vs. Darren McCarty
3 Pd 19:28
DET @NSH Jamie Allison
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (59.4%) - Voted rating: 7.9
The game spirals further out of control as these two drop the gloves and square off. McCarty opens with a jab right. They come together and briefly go toe-to-toe, McCarty with lefts, Allison with rights. After a brief tie-up, they resume toe-to-toe action. McCarty starts with the right and switches to the left while Allison throws all lefts. They then tie up to end this highly entertaining bout.
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Darren McCarty vs. Rob Davison
1 Pd 3:28
@DET SJS Rob Davison
Voted winner:  Rob Davison   (35.7%) - Voted rating: 3.5
When the cameras get to the scrap and they're both holding on and trying to get position. McCarty throws a couple of lefts that don't land, Davison throws one that misses. They grapple some more, with a punch or two that doesn't reach and then Davison body slams McCarty.
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Bryan Allen vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 19:9
DET @VAN Bryan Allen
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (83.3%) - Voted rating: 4
McCarty gives Allen a hook and issues the challenge, and Allen responds by dropping the gloves and grabbing on. McCarty opens with a quick, pretty hard left and after that Allen ducks his head. McCarty snuck a couple weak shots after that in with a few weak uppercuts to the ducking Allen.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 10:13
DET @COL Matthew Barnaby
Voted winner:  Darren McCarty   (93.9%) - Voted rating: 6.7
They both drop em and start swinging. Toe to toe at the start and McCarty landed a wicked punch. It stunned Barnaby, they started to grapple, McCarty got a few more in, Barnaby tried to answer, and the linesmen stepped in. Barnaby was covered in blood.