Darren McCarty

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Apr 01, 1972
From: Burnaby, BC Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs.
NHL Fights: 10
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Darren McCarty vs. Brad Norton
1 Pd 12:38
@DET LAK Brad Norton
McCarty takes a penalty and skates toward the box. In the meantime, Norton exchanges pleasantries with Kirk Maltby. This brings McCarty back into the fray to confront Norton. A little shovin, a glove-on right by Darren and there they go! McCarty gets the jump and smacks him with a good left. A little wrestlin goes on, Norton misses with a left and then shows some strength by pushing Mac up against the glass. Norton then misses with a right and his momentum brings him to the ice. McCarty lets him go, instead of sneaking a few extra shots in. Other Penalties: McCarty received a double tripping, instigator and misconduct.
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Steve Begin vs. Darren McCarty
2 Pd 5:31
DET @CAL Steve Begin
Begin throws a hard hit on a Wing, and Darren decides to do a little enforcin'. He skates over to him and the gloves come off. Nice square off, with McCarty doing his old stance that hasn't been seen in quite a long time. They come together, with McCarty grabbing on with his right and Begin with his left. They go toe to toe with Begin clearly getting the advantage and landing 2 good solid shots to the face, and one hard blow striking Mac's helmet. McCarty's punches looked to be off the mark during this initial flurry. Now they get a good hold of each other, and McCarty switches hands and lands a right, followed by a body shot. They grapple a little more and Darren surprises Begin with a solid right uppercut to his chin. Both then fire simultaneous lefts, with both connecting. Only difference is Begin ends up on the ice.
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Darren McCarty vs. Bryce Salvador
3 Pd 15:50
@DET STL Bryce Salvador
McCarty, not tied down, comes out of his jersey and pads. Both are chucking them pretty good, then McCarty gets Salvador tied up and pretty much flips him and lands a solid punch when Salvador is on his knees trying to get up. He finally does and McCarty lands another solid shot and ties up Salvador. Then Salvador winds-up and throws a backhand forearm shiver. Other Penalties: McCarty received a game misconduct.
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Donald Brashear vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 8:21
DET @PHI Donald Brashear
Brashear nails a Wing, in comes McCarty and instantly challenges Brashear. Nice sqare off and away they go in a short toe-to-toe exchange. Brashear looks to land 5-6 lefts including one uppercut to McCarty's one. McCarty then falls on top of Brashear.
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Darren McCarty vs. Lyle Odelein
3 Pd 20:0
@DET CHI Lyle Odelein
These two drop the gloves at the end of regulation. The fight is behind the net, up against the boards. McCarty looks to land a couple of decent lefts. Odelein swings for the fences and comes up empty. McCarty pushes Odie against the boards, switches to the right and lands two good ones and Odie goes down with McCarty on top of him.
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Darren McCarty vs. Todd Simpson
2 Pd 11:0
@DET ARI Todd Simpson
Simpson challenges McCarty behind the Wings net and away they go! McCarty misses with a left and Simpson catches him with a good right, followed by another short one. After the second shot, McCarty nails him with a hard left to the jaw and drops Simpson to his knees. No balance issue here, he was cleanly knocked down.
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Darren McCarty vs. Drake Berehowsky
2 Pd 18:19
@DET ARI Drake Berehowsky
McCarty picks out Berehowsky during a scrum and tosses a couple of shots at him. They eventually separate from the pile, but neither man looks interested and they just hold on. It ends quickly. Other Penalties: Daymond Langkow received a roughing; Kris Draper a holding; Kirk Maltby an unsportsmanlike conduct.
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Darren McCarty vs. Bryce Salvador
2 Pd 5:10
@DET STL Bryce Salvador
Both drop the gloves and fire shots toe to toe, McCarty with the left and Salvador with the right. Salvador goes down (not from a punch), and gets back up, but the linesman are in to break it up.
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Reed Low vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 4:51
DET @STL Reed Low
After a long squareoff, they come together and grab on. Lots of wrestling, with McCarty throwing a couple of lefts, maybe landing one. Low gets his right free and they have a short exchange; Low with rights, McCarty with lefts. Not sure what all landed, then McCarty scores the takedown.
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Reed Low vs. Darren McCarty
3 Pd 14:27
DET @STL Reed Low
They get matching minors, come out of the box and have a go at center ice. Low landed left hands and McCarty was also throwing them pretty well. Low lands some more as McCarty's jersey came completely off, earning him a gamer. Good fight. Other Penalties: McCarty received a game misconduct.