Darren McCarty

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Apr 01, 1972
From: Burnaby, BC Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs.
NHL Fights: 7
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Darren McCarty vs. Jarome Iginla
1 Pd 4:20
@DET CAL Jarome Iginla
Other Penalties: Iginla received an instigator and misconduct.
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Darren McCarty vs. Bates Battaglia
2 Pd 16:52
@DET CAR Bates Battaglia
Other Penalties: McCarty received an instigator and misconduct.
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Darren McCarty vs. Adam Deadmarsh
1 Pd 12:52
@DET LAK Adam Deadmarsh
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Darren McCarty vs. Colin White
3 Pd 8:36
@DET NJD Colin White
McCarty was trying to get Scott Stevens to fight early in the third, Stevens says no but White had no problem. White starts with 2 or 3 rights and McCarty answers with 2 or 3 rights. They then get tangled up and White drops as McCarty does too.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Darren McCarty
2 Pd 10:32
DET @CHI Ryan VandenBussche
A fair drop of the gloves along the boards near the benches. Vandy initiates the grab and McCarty lowers his head and grabs on too. Lots of tugging and McCarty pushes Vandy's helmet off. They're near the Wings bench now and McCarty has Ryan's jersey over his head so he lets loose with a left that comes up empty. Vandy, even though blinded, connects a glancing blow off of McCartys head. Darren lands a weak left to the shoulder and then comes under with an uppercut that appears to land flush on Vandenbussche's beak. A follow up left from McCarty lands to the side of the head. Vandy is having a hell of a time with that jersey and is in trouble. A WILD right from McCarty misses everything . Vandy's jersey just gave birth to a brand new head! Bob Probert is cruising nearby... They're both jostling for position. In close now up against the boards. McCarty fires a left that looks like it missed. Probert just cross checked somebody! Darren and Vandy are watching him now! They're done?! Hmmmm. This was kinda weird. Probert then points to the bench and starts yelling and has to be escorted off the ice. Other Penalties: Bob Probert received a roughing and misconduct; VandenBussche an interference.
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Rick Berry vs. Darren McCarty
2 Pd 7:12
DET @COL Rick Berry
On the faceoff following a McCarty goal, Darren is seen saying something to Berry and giving him a little look like "it's that time for a little scrappin in Hockeytown". Puck drops, McCarty skates over to Berry and its on. The two shadowbox a bit and Mac grabs Berry with his right while Berry grabs with his left, each looking to land a bomb. Darren fires a big left that Berry just avoids. In the clench now, big B lands a soft right to Mac Daddy's helmet. McCarty possibly grazes Berry with a left. Both then fire simultaneous shots (toe to toe style), with Darren landing to the chest while appearing to take a shot to the face himself. McCarty misses with a left, followed by a Berry right to the helmet. Darren fires and lands 2 short lefts and manages to duck 2 rights. Berry's pushed down to a knee, but gets right back up. Each misses a punch, Mac then lands a left while Berry misses another. They're all tied up now with Darren's jersey over his head. After about 5 seconds, the linesman say thats all folks with a little blood on McCarty's nose.
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Mike LeClerc vs. Darren McCarty
3 Pd 16:35
DET @ANA Mike LeClerc
LeClerc crushes Slegr with a shoulder-to-face check. It looked bad because Slegr was losing balance as he was hit. McCarty jumps LeClerc who is flailing his arms in defense. McCarty nails him with a hard left to the jaw, turning LeClerc around. McCarty throws a right that doesn't land, and then nails him with another vicious left either to the shoulder or face. LeClerc drops to the ice and McCarty throws one more on way down to LeClerc's back.