Jeremy Roenick

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: C
Birthday: Jan 17, 1970
From: Boston, MA United States
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 192 lbs.
NHL Fights: 4
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Roman Hamrlik vs. Jeremy Roenick
3 Pd 14:2
PHI @NYI Roman Hamrlik
Starts off with Roenick checking Hamrlik in the corner. Hamrlik didn't like it, they come together by the Islanders' bench and chat some more. Hamrlik drops them and throws one. Roenick gets his gloves off and starts to fire. He throws 4 or 5 and gets Hamrlik's jersey up, which was not tied down. They spin around and fall to the ice. Other Penalties: Hamrlik received a game misconduct.
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Jeremy Roenick vs. Jamie Langenbrunner
3 Pd 4:1
@PHI NJD Jamie Langenbrunner
Roenick goes after Tverdosky and creams him after a Recchi dive. Langenbrunner comes over after Roenick. Long nothing-fight, with Roenick landing two or three rights. Other Penalties: Langenrunner receives an instigator and misconduct.
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Jeremy Roenick vs. Darcy Tucker
1 Pd 9:52
@PHI TOR Darcy Tucker
Roenick goes to Tucker as he is going off the ice and gives him a shot. Darcy stops and gets in Roenick's face and throws down. Roenick agrees and they grab on. Both are holding on, then Roenick and Darcy both throw one punch at the same time and Darcy hits him on the chin. Off balance to begin with, the punch sends Roenick down.
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Mark Bell vs. Jeremy Roenick
2 Pd 9:7
PHI @CHI Mark Bell
Roenick drills Bell in the corner. Bell takes exception and wants to go. Roenick doesn't really want to go but doesn't back down. Bell drops the gloves and then shrugs to Roenick and gives the "are you gonna drop em" look. Roenick drops em and it's a pretty entertaining fight. Not much landing but a wild exchange. Bell rips Roenick's helmet off and it appears to cut Roenick. Roenick may of landed a wild one and Bell lands two good rights. One an uppercut and one a straight right. Roenick grabs onto Bell's leg and tries to take him down. Bell and Roenick are both smiling afterwards.