Jason Strudwick

2005-2006 Preseason Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Jul 17, 1975
From: Edmonton, AB Canada
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 225 lbs.
NHL Fights: 1
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Jason Strudwick vs. Colton Orr
1 Pd 4:50
@NYR BOS Colton Orr
Voted winner:  Jason Strudwick   (72.4%) - Voted rating: 6.4
Orr levels a Ranger in the corner and Strudwick skates over and gets the jump on him in the fight. They both throw a few rights with Strudwick's glancing Orr's face and Orr's coming up short. They both switch hands and Strudwick lands a few decent shots with his left. At this point the two hold each other off at arm's length with Strudwick sneaking in a left. As they come together, Orr throws a left that is blocked, but sneaks in a right. The linesmen then come in to end the fight. Other Penalties: Strudwick received an instigator and misconduct.