Tie Domi

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Nov 01, 1969
From: Windsor, ON Canada
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 207 lbs.
NHL Fights: 13
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Tie Domi vs. Kevin Sawyer
1 Pd 2:0
@TOR ANA Kevin Sawyer
Off the faceoff these two grab on right away. Sawyer is throwing most of the punches at the start, maybe lands one or two. They get in close and Domi throws his first of the fight that connects, then Sawyer pulls Domi in and he falls and jumps back up. Domi has his right hand free and is trying to get his left so he can spin him. He attempts this for a while with Sawyer landing a grazing shot during this standoff. Domi finally switches hands and the linemen come in when he does. Domi gives a tug and pulls Sawyer to the ice hard as the refs grab on.
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Tie Domi vs. Andy Sutton
2 Pd 16:48
@TOR ATL Andy Sutton
They had been jawing at each other a lot, finally meet up and Domi throws down first with Sutton shortly after. Domi has him spinning right away and both trade bombs, Domi landing two and Sutton landing one. Then they get in tight and hold for a bit. Domi throws one punch, then pulls Sutton's helmet off and gets him spinning. Sutton throws one more big punch that misses and Domi hits him with one, then grazes another. They both fall with Domi landing on top.
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Eric Godard vs. Tie Domi
2 Pd 2:28
TOR @NYI Eric Godard
Voted winner:  Tie Domi   (50%) - Voted rating: 6.9
Webb drills Hoglund with a clean hit after Hoglund was admiring a dump in. Hoglund goes down and Domi goes to challenge Webb. In comes Godard and they throw down. Domi lands a right when they first drop them, then they tie up and Domi tries to get him spinning. He comes underneath and lands a good uppercut, then Godard pulls him in and lands two decent shots to Domi. Domi gets off one more uppercut that grazes Godard, and Godard possibly landed one or two more in close, with Domi also getting one more off. Then the linesman come in.
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Todd Fedoruk vs. Tie Domi
3 Pd 17:28
TOR @PHI Todd Fedoruk
Fridge pokes Domi from behind and they lock up in tight. They get loose a bit and start a pretty good fight. Domi lands a spinning left. Todd is trying to stop the spinoramma move. He tries a right and misses. He switches to left and lands two solid lefts. Domi counters with a solid left. Fridge gets in a good right. Domi then lands a right and takes Todd down.
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Dan LaCouture vs. Tie Domi
3 Pd 19:51
TOR @PIT Dan LaCouture
They drop the gloves and Domi gets his left hand free and starts trying to get Dan into position. LaCouture does a good job of staying in close though. Domi then just pushes him over and hits him once when he is on the ground.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Tie Domi
3 Pd 11:31
TOR @NYR Matthew Barnaby
Domi roughs up Malakhov at the blueline, Barnaby comes over and gets in his face. They throw down and Domi has him spinning early. Throws 1-3 shots, nothing much going on, Barnaby landed none and then falls. Domi hits him once or twice while he was down.
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Rob Ray vs. Tie Domi
2 Pd 10:26
TOR @BUF Rob Ray
Voted winner:  Tie Domi   (58.3%) - Voted rating: 7.1
Domi just drops the gloves and Ray follows. Domi grabs on, gets one left in, then another that lands right on the chin and pops Ray's helmet off. Ray hits the ice, but jumps back up. Domi is spinning him and lands or two more, then Ray regains composure and gets close. Ray then lands two bombs square to Domi. They are in close and Ray tries pulling Tie's helmet off and it is on his head sideways. Ray lands a good shot and the lid pops off. Domi gets a weak jab in and the linesmen come in. Both guys give each other a tap and smile for sportsmanship and go to the box.
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Jeff Odgers vs. Tie Domi
2 Pd 15:20
TOR @ATL Jeff Odgers
Domi roughs up young Dan Syder and gets a penalty, next shift Odgers chases Domi down and they go. Starts of with Domi landing one left while in the spin cycle. Odgers lands one himself, then while spinning, Odgers misses one and Domi throws three, one which connects. They fall and on their way up Domi switches hands and connects with a right that hits Odgers right on the nose.
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Tie Domi vs. Chris Neil
1 Pd 19:59
@TOR OTT Chris Neil
Voted winner:  Tie Domi   (78.6%) - Voted rating: 6.1
The period's over, literally one second left, and Neil takes a healthy run at Domi. Domi takes exception, turns to Neil, has a few words, then drops the gloves and tags him with a left. Neil gets his own mitts off a split-second late and takes some lefts. Domi lifted the front of Neil's jersey over his face. With the jersey up, Tie landed a few more shots with the left.
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Chris Neil vs. Tie Domi
2 Pd 15:40
TOR @OTT Chris Neil
Lots of talk between the two after the puck is dropped. They nod, and drop the gloves. Neil is throwing rights which seem to hit air. Domi is just lining up Neil and connecting with haymakers. Domi tries another haymaker, which misses. Domi's got Neil in the spin cycle now. Neil tries to answer with a few rights. Glancing blows. Domi hits another haymaker and loses his balance. Neil nails Domi with a good right hand, and Domi hits the ice. Probably not a TKO because Domi was already off-balance.
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Magnus Arvedson vs. Tie Domi
3 Pd 18:37
TOR @OTT Magnus Arvedson
Domi goes after Arvedson, throwing several gloved punches. Three Sens and the linesmen grab Domi, but Domi breaks free and knocks Arvedson down with another gloved shot to the face. Arvedson is bleeding from the nose and looks like he doesn't know what's going on. Domi is led off the ice to a chorus of boos. Other Penalties: Patrick Lalime a leaving the crease; Domi an instigator, roughing, misconduct and game misconduct.
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Jody Shelley vs. Tie Domi
2 Pd 19:46
TOR @CBJ Jody Shelley
They bump right at center ice and throw down. Right when they do Domi throws a left that hit helmet and Shelley comes over top with a right, then falls over and Domi is on top. That's it. Other Penalties: David Ling received a tripping.
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Jason Wiemer vs. Tie Domi
1 Pd 14:57
TOR @NYI Jason Wiemer
Domi runs Jason Blake into the boards and Wiemer comes over to chat. They decide to drop and and grab on. Weimer lands a few nothing shots. Domi may have landed one weak one also and then tries to jersey Weimer while they grapple some more.