Dallas Drake

2007-2008 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Feb 04, 1969
From: Trail, BC Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 lbs.
NHL Fights: 5
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Dallas Drake vs. Corey Perry
2 Pd 3:34
@DET ANA Corey Perry
Voted winner:  Dallas Drake   (44.3%) - Voted rating: 5.9
Perry hits Drake hard from behind along the boards. Drake turns around and challenges Perry who chooses to oblige. They drop the gloves and Drake unhooks his helmet just as Perry grabs ahold of him. They spin around and Perry starts things off with a right followed by a left jab. Drake responds with a right. They exchange a pair of rights and Perry keeps Drake at a distance with some jersey-jabs. Drake lands a right cross and then follows up with a five more rights while Perry tries to move away from the blows. Perry then gets Drake bent over and pounds away at him with a few rights until he decides to push him down to the ice. The linesmen move in as soon as the two hit the ground. Other Penalties: Perry received an interference.
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James Wisniewski vs. Dallas Drake
1 Pd 5:10
DET @CHI James Wisniewski
Voted winner:  James Wisniewski   (50%) - Voted rating: 6.3
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Dallas Drake vs. Adam Burish
1 Pd 19:47
@DET CHI Adam Burish
Voted winner:  Dallas Drake   (90%) - Voted rating: 5
Behind the play they exchange some words before dropping the gloves and grabbing ahold of each other. Burish pumps away with some jersey-jabs just before Drake answers with a flurry of four rights to the side and back of Burish's helmet. Burish attempts an overhand and then loses his balance, allowing Drake to get in three more rights while Burish is falling to the ice.
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Jamal Mayers vs. Dallas Drake
3 Pd 8:23
DET @STL Jamal Mayers
Voted winner:  Jamal Mayers   (81.7%) - Voted rating: 5.7
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Dallas Drake vs. Steve Ott
3 Pd 7:32
@DET DAL Steve Ott
Voted winner:  Steve Ott   (56.3%) - Voted rating: 2.6