Kelly Buchberger

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Dec 02, 1966
From: Langenburg, SK Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs.
NHL Fights: 15
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Rich Pilon vs. Kelly Buchberger
2 Pd 17:50
LAK @STL Rich Pilon
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Cory Sarich vs. Kelly Buchberger
1 Pd 19:40
LAK @TBL Cory Sarich
Other Penalties: Buchberger received a boarding; Sarich an instigator and misconduct.
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Kelly Buchberger vs. Brenden Morrow
2 Pd 14:58
@LAK DAL Brenden Morrow
Other Penalties: Jamie Langenbrunner received a double roughing minor; Valicevic received a roughing.
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Brendan Shanahan vs. Kelly Buchberger
1 Pd 12:54
LAK @DET Brendan Shanahan
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Bob Boughner vs. Kelly Buchberger
1 Pd 17:4
LAK @CAL Bob Boughner
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Jeff Cowan vs. Kelly Buchberger
2 Pd 9:11
LAK @CAL Jeff Cowan
This was Buchberger's second fight of the game.
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Kelly Buchberger vs. Steve Staios
3 Pd 6:15
@LAK EDM Steve Staios
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Wade Belak vs. Kelly Buchberger
2 Pd 9:59
LAK @TOR Wade Belak
Good square off as both guys circle each other for about 7 seconds with the gloves off. Buchberger starts with a left jab which misses - bit of dancing continues but not for long as Belak goes in. Belak unleashes four rights with 1 or 2 landing real least one landed good. Buchberger retaliates with two rights with one landing real good but by this point Belak has Buchberger's jersey pulled up. Belak tosses four more rights. Then they come together for a close hug where the shots are either noogies or very short punches to the back of the head.
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Andre Roy vs. Kelly Buchberger
2 Pd 3:13
LAK @OTT Andre Roy
Roy unloads lefts on Buchberger, as Buchy's head is down. He gets up, and attempts to trade punches, but Roy is just too much, and Buchy goes down.
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Kelly Buchberger vs. Matthew Barnaby
2 Pd 19:42
@LAK NYR Matthew Barnaby
Buchberger starts off with three rights. I thought perhaps one landed but JD said nothing landed. Bucky ties up Barnaby. Matt is doing his best to get his hands free. He gets the left free, throws an uppercut that landed, then they both trade some punches with little landing by either player. Bucky then gets the death grip on Barnaby and really tries to pull him down and succeeds by pulling Matt down on top of him. Not a great bout. It appeared that after the initial flurry, Buchberger was finished and wanted to wrestle.
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P.J. Stock vs. Kelly Buchberger
2 Pd 2:8
LAK @BOS P.J. Stock
They start jousting right off the draw, then drop the mitts. It starts off as basic grappling and they start leaning up against the boards as Stock lands a couple, Naz and Brennan drop em and start going at it, you don't see much of this fight as the cameraman smartly focuses on Stock. Stock and Buckberger trade punches until Stock takes over and pounds him to the ice.
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Joe Thornton vs. Kelly Buchberger
2 Pd 12:17
LAK @BOS Joe Thornton
Voted winner:  Joe Thornton   (100%) - Voted rating: 6.6
Thorton serves two for elbowing right after him and Buchberger have some words. He gets out of the box, skates around some, takes a quick rest, and these two wind up shoving in the corner. One or two words, and the gloves come off. Quickly it becomes all Thorton with a slew of lefts that put Buchberger down.
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Kelly Buchberger vs. Sylvain Blouin
2 Pd 11:14
@LAK MIN Sylvain Blouin
Blouin is skating up the ice as Kelly gives him a little tug with his stick. Off go the gloves and into a nice little roundabout square-off. They lock into each other and try to get position. Blouin starts with a few rights that may have landed to the back of Kelly's helmet. No damage. Blouin takes Buchberger to the boards and they are still working to get free. Blouin with a couple lefts that land to the back of Kelly's helmet/neck area. Then Buchberger lands about 3 lefts of his own with no damage done to either fighter. The linesmen come in and break up this not-too-spectacular bout.
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Jamie Pushor vs. Kelly Buchberger
1 Pd 19:2
LAK @CBJ Jamie Pushor
none yet
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Jody Shelley vs. Kelly Buchberger
3 Pd 17:28
LAK @CBJ Jody Shelley
Shelley's a bit upset being down about 5-1 and he takes a swing at Boucher behind the net. Buchberger steps in and has words for Shelley who ain't in to walking away. They joust a moment and drop the gloves. As Buchberger grabs on Shelley throws a stiff right uppercut that catches Kelly flush on the nose and drops him! Not a KO as Buchberger regains his feet when the refs step in, but a definite TKO.