Vincent Dunn

2014-2015 Preseason Fight Card
Position: C
Birthday: Sep 14, 1995
From: Hull, QC Canada
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 169 lbs.
QMJHL Fights: 2
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Lucas Batt vs. Vincent Dunn
3 Pd 10:4
RIM @QUE Lucas Batt
Other Penalties: Dunn received a game misconduct; Hunter Moreau, Michaël Thibault, Nikolas Brouillard and Olivier Garneau each received a misconduct; Batt a checking from behind.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Alexandre Gosselin vs. Vincent Dunn
2 Pd 12:10
RIM @BAT Alexandre Gosselin
Other Penalties: Dunn received a hair pulling and match penalty.