Ron Petrovicky

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Feb 15, 1977
From: Zilina Slovakia
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs.
NHL Fights: 5
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Dan LaCouture vs. Ron Petrovicky
3 Pd 10:25
NYR @PIT Dan LaCouture
Lacouture runs over Petrovicky, then shoves him while he's down and eggs him on. They both drop the gloves. Petrovicky lands a decent right to Dan's temple snapping his head. They both throw with Petro's right grazing/missin and Dan's left an ok shot to the mouth. Lacouture pushes Petro to the boards, while Petro has him in a headlock. Dan slips out and is now beside Petrovicky, who ducks under a left. Lacouture lands a left push-punch and Petro is halfway in the Pens' bench. He throws another left to Petro's temple, who his now facing the Pens' bench. He throws another soft left to Petro's ear, who throws a right to Dan's ear. Lacouture goes for the take down, and slips and pulls Petrovicky down on him.
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Ron Petrovicky vs. Ian Laperriere
2 Pd 7:24
@NYR LAK Ian Laperriere
Fight starts off with Lappy throwing three rights, then Petrovicky answers back with two rights. Can't tell if any landed since the camera wasn't zoomed in. As it zooms in, they continue to trade rights with Lappy landing one to the side of the head. Lappy starts pushing Petrovicky back while trying to land rights. Petrovicky tries to to throw a couple rights in response, but once his back hits the boards, he tries to get a headlock on. Both continue to try throwing the rights until they are broken up.
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Tom Fitzgerald vs. Ron Petrovicky
2 Pd 9:54
NYR @TOR Tom Fitzgerald
Petrovicky knocks Fitzgerald down along the boards. When he gets up, they each exchange facewashes and off come the gloves as they start off in tight. After some grappling, they each get in some punches to the side of the head. Petro throws some decent punches, maybe 1 or 2 landed, and then he gets the takedown.
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Ron Petrovicky vs. Scott Hannan
2 Pd 14:51
@NYR SJS Scott Hannan
Fair start to the fight, they both agree and the gloves drop. Hannan missed with 2 or 3 good rights, then Petro popped him in the chin with a good shot. Thats the only one decent one to land. Hannan had the takedown.
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Bryce Salvador vs. Ron Petrovicky
1 Pd 2:47
NYR @STL Bryce Salvador
After a Petrovicky hit in center ice, Salvador comes over and challenges him. Down go the gloves and away they go. Its all Salvador in this one, firing the rights. After the second one, he rips Petro's lid off and starts raining the rights again. Most are missing as Petro is bent away trying to avoid them, but more then one connects to the side of the head. Petro throws the occasional right, but lands nothing. Its all Bryce including the takedown as a right by Petro misses, and down they go.