Ron Petrovicky

2003-2004 Preseason Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Feb 15, 1977
From: Zilina Slovakia
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs.
NHL Fights: 1
Date/Time For Against Opponent
David Ling vs. Ron Petrovicky
3 Pd 19:47
CBJ @NYR David Ling
Ling gives Petro two good slashes to the arm from behind. Ling and Petro are staring face to face with Simon looking on as well. Petro drops them first and immediately grabs Ling. As Ling drops them, they both grab a hold of each other and neither one has an arm free. They grapple for a bit before Petro tries to go for the takedown, but instead gets himself off-balance and is dropped by Ling as Ling piles on top of him. The linesmen come in and break the two up as Ling is giving Petro some shoves to the ice as Petro is on the bottom.