Rob Ray

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Jun 08, 1968
From: Stirling, ON Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 203 lbs.
NHL Fights: 18
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Rob Ray vs. Jeff Odgers
3 Pd 2:58
@BUF ATL Jeff Odgers
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Rob Ray vs. Josef Melichar
3 Pd 19:57
@BUF PIT Josef Melichar
With less then a minute to play, Ray and Melichar drop the gloves in the neutral zone. Quickly they start throwing big punches. Little are landing, perhaps Ray got one in and Melichar a small shot. Melichar was throwing wildly while Ray seemed to be pulling him around at will. With balance being what it was each fell easily. Ray was smiling while being escorted off the ice.
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Rob Ray vs. Marc Moro
2 Pd 14:13
@BUF NSH Marc Moro
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Rob Ray vs. Nolan Pratt
1 Pd 4:5
@BUF TBL Nolan Pratt
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Paul Laus vs. Rob Ray
3 Pd 20:0
BUF @FLA Paul Laus
Ray is pushing around Oli Jokinen and Laus comes in. The drop the gloves grab and fall. Other Penalties: Ray an instigator and misconduct.
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Rob Ray vs. Steve McKenna
1 Pd 15:32
@BUF NYR Steve McKenna
Both fall almost immediately, with Ray throwing a couple while both were down on the ice.
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Rob Ray vs. Steve McKenna
2 Pd 16:42
@BUF NYR Steve McKenna
This was the second time this game these two fought each other. Both throwing right hands freely. Ray rocks McKenna early and McKenna falls down a couple of moments after. Mckenna gets up and continues to exchange rights with Ray. Mckenna's punches looked like they were hitting Ray's shoulder. Nothing seemed to land too hard by either fighter. McKenna threw one that Ray got under and while McKenna was about to throw again, Ray took him down.
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Rob Ray vs. Darren Langdon
1 Pd 6:40
@BUF CAR Darren Langdon
Held each other off at arms lengths and threw rights, landing several each. Many shots drew helmet. Ray got a solid looking uppercut in when Langdon let his guard down for a second. Langdon repaid with a solid looking haymaker seconds later. Fight lasted at a while before both fighters got tired and slowed down.
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Rob Ray vs. Reid Simpson
1 Pd 10:39
@BUF MON Reid Simpson
Voted winner:  Reid Simpson   (91.7%) - Voted rating: 6.3
The two square off at the Buffalo blue line. Simpson starts first and misses his first few, but he's got a good hold of Ray's shirt. Ray throws a couple of his own, missing as well. Reid then gets the jersey over Ray's head and begins to throw shots at Ray's covered head. Simpson throws 5 or 6, but Ray is throwing back (his head still covered). They swing a little and Reid goes back at it and throws about 5 more, all the while Ray is blindly throwing back. Reid definitely landed more than a few. Ray landed a couple, but the fight was dominated by Simpson. Simpson had the ice bag on his hand and Ray had a mouse on his left cheek.
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Bob Boughner vs. Rob Ray
3 Pd 10:52
BUF @CAL Bob Boughner
Ray went after Boughner in a scrappy 3rd period but Boughner didn't seem too Ray drops the gloves anyways, and starts firing shots at a turtling (but still standing) Boughner. With the PIMs he accumulated, Rob Ray joins the 3000 PIMs club! Congrats Rayzor! Other Penalties: Ray received an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct; Boughner a roughing.
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Rob Ray vs. Gordie Dwyer
2 Pd 8:19
@BUF TBL Gordie Dwyer
Dwyer gets off the first 3 punches witch appear to miss. Ray then straightens out and the two go toe to toe big time with each man throwing fast and furious. Ray's shots are coming up a tad short however, and Dwyer is landing hard and flush to Ray's chin and then finally to his nose. After the toe to toe exchange, Ray nails Dwyer with a big punch to Dwyer's ear which drops him.
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P.J. Stock vs. Rob Ray
1 Pd 2:45
BUF @BOS P.J. Stock
Ray locks Stock out quick and throws right after right after right. Looks to be a mauling then Stock switches to the left and lands a few. They show a replay from a different angle which shows a lot of Rays rights landing short. He still got off the majority of punches. (longer description coming soon).
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Rob Ray vs. Randy McKay
1 Pd 13:12
@BUF NJD Randy McKay
Mainly just a scrum with some overboard penalties. Other Penalties: Chris Gratton received a slashing; Colin White and Eric Boulton roughings.
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Rob Ray vs. Colin White
1 Pd 2:16
@BUF NJD Colin White
Retaliation for a cheap hit on Varada 2 nights ago. Right off the face-off they go - White throws six or seven quick rights and lands one on the jaw. Some grappling and Ray lands a few rights. That's it, nothing big.
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Dave Scatchard vs. Rob Ray
3 Pd 17:5
BUF @NYI Dave Scatchard
Along the boards Ray goes with Scatchard. Lots of hugging at first, and then the two open up. Seems even at first. Some punches not doing much on each side. Maybe a few from each. Then it's all Ray. Lots of rights connecting, but Scatchard isn't staggered. Scatch bent over, with the two tired, they get separated and that's it. In the meantime, Cummins is trying to get at Boulton. It's a no-go as the refs are tangling up Cummins. Other Penalties: Cummins received a misconduct.
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Rob Ray vs. Stephane Quintal
3 Pd 5:27
@BUF MON Stephane Quintal
Quintal starts with a right that misses. Ray misses with a right. Ray connects with a right to the jaw. Ray throws another right that lands on Quintal's back. Another right by Ray lands on Quintal's chest. Quintal comes back with a right to Ray's shoulder. Ray lands two rights to Quital's helmet. Quintal then lands three rights to Ray's chest. They both throw rights that miss. Ray hits Quintal on the shoulder with a right followed by two to the back. Ray lands a right to Quintal's cheek. Quintal landed a right on Ray. Ray hits Quintal with a right to the mouth. Quintal lands a right of his own. They both miss a right. Quintal misses another right and then they both miss again. At the same time: Long square off between Odjick and Boulton. Odjick called on Boulton. Boulton came toward Odjick and they both fell to the ice without throwing a punch. Draw.Other Penalties: Odjick received a roughing and misconduct; Boulton an unsportsmanlike conduct and misconduct.
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Rob Ray vs. Eric Cairns
3 Pd 19:55
@BUF NYI Eric Cairns
The two squared off during a scrum with 4 seconds left to play. They tossed some nice looking rights, both connected, but Cairns eventually outpowered Ray and knocked him down. Other Penalties: Mark Parrish received a roughing.
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Rob Ray vs. Dennis Bonvie
1 Pd 2:23
@BUF BOS Dennis Bonvie
Both fighters landed some decent rights. Bonvie's jersey came ova the head at end of the fight. However, Ray didn't take advantage.