Wade Redden

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Jun 12, 1977
From: Lloydminster, SK Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205 lbs.
NHL Fights: 4
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Wade Redden vs. Mike Johnson
2 Pd 9:17
@OTT ARI Mike Johnson
Started after a scrum in front of the net when two Yotes threw Martin Havlat to the ice after taking one too many swipes after the whistle. Redden came to his aid and skated right into the two (Mike Johnson and Daymond Langkow). No one else came to Redden's aid for a few seconds until Radek Bonk came in an put his arm in the scrum, but faced away from the scrum as if he was "protecting his face". The rest of the Sens looked on like little children ... Eventually Johnson and Redden break off and start to go at center ice. Mostly just jarring for position with most of the punches going to the side/shoulder pads. Redden gets his left loose from his jersey and switches up and goes with his left; he lands one, maybe two decent shots to the side of Johnson's head before the fight concludes when the linesman come in. Other Penalties: Martin Havlat, Redden and Johnson each received an unsportsmanlike conduct.
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Michal Grosek vs. Wade Redden
2 Pd 7:53
OTT @BOS Michal Grosek
Redden lost his stick and was trying to play the puck with his feet when Grosek just drilled him into the boards. The camera panned away from the action momentarily and when it came back to the two players, the gloves were off. The fight didn't last long as Grosek landed the only punch that was a glancing blow causing Redden to lose his balance. Grosek threw a few more on the way down scoring the takedown.
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Brad Ference vs. Wade Redden
1 Pd 16:4
OTT @FLA Brad Ference
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Wade Redden vs. Jason Doig
1 Pd 9:7
@OTT WAS Jason Doig
On the Sens' power play Doig and Redden get some shoves in after the whistle and Doig drops em and starts throwing, not landing anything great. Redden trys to throw, but fell. Other Penalties: Both players each received a slashing.