Nathan Perrott

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Dec 08, 1976
From: Owen Sound, ON Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225 lbs.
NHL Fights: 16
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Andrew Peters vs. Nathan Perrott
1 Pd 6:41
TOR @BUF Andrew Peters
Voted winner:  Nathan Perrott   (88.2%) - Voted rating: 6.2
Peters and Perrott collide by the box and get the lumber up. Camera gets there late, and it seems Perrott got the jump on Peters. Perrott is hammering away with the left hand, Peters is trying to throw rights back, but Perrott is landing more and better shots. Peters goes down, not sure if it was balance or punches. Perrott keeps on throwing lefts as Peters tries to get up. The linesmen come in and Peters is livid.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Dan Focht
3 Pd 5:14
@TOR PIT Dan Focht
Perrott runs Melichar, McKenna whacks Fitzgerald, and a scrum breaks out. Focht and Perrott are tied up with Focht on his knees. Perrott wants to fight, so Focht stands up. Perrott come up short with a haymaker right as they twirl. Focht has Perrott in a headlock, Perrott throws a short left that grazes Focht, then noogies Focht with three rights to the back of the head. Perrott throws a left that misses, then misses with a big right, then lands a left on the top of Focht's head. Focht rights himself and they both throw lefts that seem to miss. Focht throws two more over the ducking Perrott, then camera goes to McKenna-Belak. Other Penalties: Tom Fitzgerald received a slashing.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Brad May
1 Pd 13:25
@TOR VAN Brad May
Nice squareoff. They come together and May lands a very nice left flush to the face. They come together again and jockey for position, but nothing doing. They are in tight, May sneaks in a left and then they lock each other out the rest of the way. Perrott was dripping blood a bit and went off for repairs.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Reed Low
2 Pd 2:26
@TOR STL Reed Low
Voted winner:  Reed Low   (50%) - Voted rating: 5.8
Perrott high sticks Johnson and Low bumps him in the neutral zone. Perrott ditches his gloves first and surprises Low with a flurry of punches. Low regains balance and fires some of his own. Perrott threw about four lefts as Low was throwing some overhand rights of his own, all landing to the back of Perrott's head. Perrott is leaning and falls from the punches. Other Penalties: Perrott received a high sticking.
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Brad Brown vs. Nathan Perrott
2 Pd 8:16
TOR @MIN Brad Brown
They both squareoff far away from play, Perrott lunges in and Brown throws a right that Perrott blocks, then Brown throws another one which seems to connect. Perrott conencts on a jersey-punch and then he throws another jersey-punch which hits the top of Brown's helmet. Brown throws a right which Perrott blocks with his left hand and just misses and hits him on the top of the shoulder. Brown then throws a right which comes up short. Perrott throws another left which hits the top of Brown's helmet and pushes it back. Brown throws a right and hits Perrott on the side of the face. Perrott throws a left which hits the top of Brown's shoulder, then Brown returns the favor and hits Perrott on the top of the shoulder. Perrot then connects to the top of Brown's head with a left. Brown bends over and goes down to his knees. Perrott lands a huge punch right on Brown's chin that sends Brown backwards and then wrestles him down.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Jason MacDonald
2 Pd 5:45
@TOR NYR Jason MacDonald
Voted winner:  Nathan Perrott   (95.8%) - Voted rating: 4.8
Perrott throws a heavy bodycheck to MacDonald against the boards and gives him a shot in the face. MacDonald responds with gloves off and they lock up. Perrott gets MacDonald's helmet off immediately. Perrott is slightly bigger, takes control by throwing lefts at MacDonald, some landing and some missing. They spin around (still in tight) and MacDonald tries to throw a right hand or two. Perrott answers and lands a couple of lefts before they fall down to the ice with Perrott landing a couple. As the fight progressed, MacDonald's jersey came off. Other Penalties: MacDonald received a game misconduct.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Nathan Perrott
2 Pd 1:24
TOR @FLA Darcy Hordichuk
They decide it's time to dance and they both grab on trying to get an advantage. Hordi's sweater immediately ends up over his head as his tie-down wasn't tied tight. Perrott starts firing the pistons, landing numerous blows to the top of the hunched over Hordichuk's head. Hordi then gets free of all that and starts swinging back landing a couple of his own and getting the take down. Not much damage done to Perrott even though he was bloody, he got right back up.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Shane Hnidy
1 Pd 13:14
@TOR OTT Shane Hnidy
Starts off by Perrot going into the Ottawa end and slashing the stick of Hnidy. As he goes to skate away Hnidy sticks him, so he turns around and they both drop the mits. They come together and Perrot gets Hnidy's helmet off and starts throwing his rapid punches. Hnidy's head goes down so Perrot throws fast uppercuts then they fall with Perrot on top.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Rob Skrlac
1 Pd 3:0
@TOR NJD Rob Skrlac
Off the draw they go right at it. Perrott early with some lefts, and Skrlac with the rights, mostly with his head down. Perrott slipped to a knee and quickly straighten up. As he got up he threw a few more lefts and they get into a hug. They get into a grapple at this point, no punches able to be thrown. After a short struggle, Perrott winds up flipping Skrlac to the ice.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Krzysztof Oliwa
2 Pd 2:23
@TOR CAL Krzysztof Oliwa
Perrott tried a home run early and missed, oliwa may have then landed a right. oliwa grabs on, locking his hands in a "fireman's grip" behind Perrott's back and pulling Perrott into his body. Perrott struggles to get free, finally dropping straight down to his knees and then popping up fast and lands a glancing one.
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Donald Brashear vs. Nathan Perrott
3 Pd 14:27
TOR @PHI Donald Brashear
Voted winner:  Donald Brashear   (19%) - Voted rating: 1.2
Off the draw they go, and they immediately get the death grip on each other. Perrott pulls Brash’s helmet off, and each of them let a few noogies fly before Brash tackles Perrott and ends it. The announcers joke that they should get delay of the game penalties and called the fight majors an "overstatement".
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Francis Lessard vs. Nathan Perrott
3 Pd 11:32
TOR @ATL Francis Lessard
Voted winner:  Francis Lessard   (85%) - Voted rating: 7.1
These two drop em in the Atlanta zone and start firing lefts. Perrott throwing about two before the camera gets close enough to see if they're landing, and Lessard is without his lid. Lessard's left hits Perrott's shoulder as Perrott has his left firing. He lands three off the top of Lessard's head while Lessard's three blind ones come up short. A ducking Lessard lands a blind left to Perrott's face, and then lands a hard short left to Perrott's face stunning him and buckling his knees. Perrott falls to the ice with Lessard on top.
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Chris Neil vs. Nathan Perrott
2 Pd 8:6
TOR @OTT Chris Neil
Voted winner:  Nathan Perrott   (68.4%) - Voted rating: 8.2
Perrot started it by unloading five or six quick lefts that landed. Neil then stabilized, Perrott slipped to a knee and Neil landed some solid lefts of his own as Perrott got back up. They grapple for a bit and then Perrot slams Neil to the glass and throws a few shots. They get off the glass and grapple some more, each throwing a few more short shots while wrestling. The linesmen then stop it after a decently long bout.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Eric Boulton
1 Pd 11:0
@TOR BUF Eric Boulton
Voted winner:  Nathan Perrott   (21.4%) - Voted rating: 2.9
They go right off the faceoff. They circle forever then finally Perrott dives in and grazes a huge right that sends himself off-balance and Boulton lands a decent uppercut as Perrott goes down. He gets back up and they circle more, come together, and Perrott lands a right and then they hold on and try to throw a couple of weak punches and then go down.
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Kelly Buchberger vs. Nathan Perrott
1 Pd 11:47
TOR @PIT Kelly Buchberger
They come together and hold on for a hug-fest. Perrott throws a few back of the head shots that knocks off Buchy's helmet and Buchy throws maybe one shot.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 5:25
@TOR FLA Darcy Hordichuk
Voted winner:  Nathan Perrott   (40.5%) - Voted rating: 5.9
Hordichuk goes to his opposite wing so you knew this was gonna happen. Seemed Perrott knew it was coming and he got the jump and landed two quick punches right at the glove drop. They start throwing, Hordi with the rights, Perrott with the lefts. Each are swinging a bit wild, and Perrott is off-balance for the most part. Hordichuk's able to push-n-tug Perrott down and throw a few more rights as the linesmen come in.